Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Slippery Climb

I followed Wendy and Group for a short trip trekking up Klang Gate Ridge on Sunday 25 March at 7:00 a.m. I was undecided at first because I would be attending the Pacesetters AGM and Annual Dinner the evening before. Nevertheless, I accepted the invitation and took the challenge. Though I did not have much sleep, the thought of going back to nature with abundance of fresh air rejuvenated all the tiredness.
Looking down at the dam from the peak of Klang Gate Ridge.
Wendy set a fast pace at the start of the climb. Much like running, I am a slow starter that requires warming up to achieve optimum performance later. Fifteen minutes after the fast climb, I was panting and sweating profusely.

The ground was a little slippery after the previous day’s rain. Coupled with the unsteady pace, I actually encountered three slips that I hold on dearly to the roots. Otherwise, I would have sustained bruises, or worst, injury.

To my surprise, our pro, Chef Chan, also slipped. Since he was wearing running shorts, he sustained bruises at his thigh.

At the peak, we have the usual tea session by courtesy of Wendy. I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Wong, a surgeon who is a friend of Wendy, about my heel pain. So he was giving a free consultation and advice up at the peak.

On the way down, I heard two guys were having conversation along the trail. They were actually Chef Chan and his friend. To my big surprise, Chef Chan slipped again. This time, he got bruises at both his hands. What a day for Chef Chan. He must be off form on that day.

Trekking up Klang Gate Ridge is akin to running from Bukit Aman car park to Sri Hartamas. Both are good training grounds for supporting their kind of sports. However, the elements of risk and danger are present in both venues: a trekker has to be fit and climb with focused attention; a runner has to be fit and alert to avoid tripping on the road or being knocked by moving vehicles.

It is indeed an excellent idea to take up trekking for the recovery of my heel pain. Every time after a climb, I feel much relief at the heel; possibly, it is due to all the stretching when overcoming different contours of the ground.

Next challenge: Sunday 8 April trekking up Gunung Nuang. They actually refuted my claim that “a person who can climb Klang Gate Ridge would be able to climb all hills”. I heard from the pro that Gunung Nuang is tougher than Klang Gate Ridge. A round trip journey would take 10 hours. For that coming trip, we have Tey Eng Tiong, Chef Chan and his friend as the mountain guides. If you are interested to come, do let me know.


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