Monday, March 26, 2007

Pacesetters Club AGM

Please click here to view 170 photos taken by KC (AGM and Annual Dinner)

Arriving at the Banquet Hall of Lake Club at around 2 p.m., I was indeed one of the early birds. I saw Munning, Francis Toh, Sook Ying (Club Exco) and quite a number of the members were already busy at work setting up the venue for the AGM and Annual Dinner.

I saw Tammy Lim and her group of runners’ friends were busy setting up the props on the podium and at the entrance. True to the theme, Wild Wild West, the podium was decorated much like the cowboy era – sponsored by her too. They even drag two huge oil drums up the podium.

All members were encouraged to dress up to match the theme. There were prizes for the most appropriately dressed gentleman and lady, prizes were donated by Tammy too.

The “WANTED Dead or Alive” posters with a reward of RM 1,000,000 were pasted all over the venue. I was trying to find my photo hoping to cash the amount.

Together with the hotel staff, all were busy with the duty assigned to them to set up the venue. At that moment, the air-conditioning and the light in the hall were not even switched on yet.

Computer Equipment

I was given the task to attach the PC Notebook and LCD projector and “make them work”. The purpose was to project photos of running events (taken by Chan Wing Kai, Jason Lee and yours truly) for members to view and to bring back fond memories when dinner was served.

What really worried me was that the photos of running events come in four CD-ROMs that I passed to the Club two weeks ago were not copied into the PC Notebook yet. I actually encountered read/write error when the CD-ROMs were constructed at my home PC.

Luckily that there were no errors with the four CD-ROMs and all the photos that were painstakingly identified, selected, rearranged by me earlier were successfully copied into the PC Notebook.

Next hurdle: to set up the LCD projector. I was having hard time connecting the PC Notebook and the NEC LCD projector. After much trying, I was given another newer LCD projector to try on. Bingo! I could see the images were been clearly projected on to the white screen.


While I was busy working on the computer stuff sitting at one corner next to the podium, more members were seen arriving for the AGM at around 3:30 p.m. The AGM was held near the entrance and located at the opposite end of the podium.

I heard from Mr. Munning, the out-going Club President, announced that the turn-up was very good with 140 members attending the AGM as compared to last year, only 20. BTW, every member who attended the AGM would receive a good quality red Brooke T-shirt jointly sponsored by Brooks and the Club.

I could see members from the floor were enthusiastically asking questions while Mr. Munning was able to answer them satisfactorily. The questions asked by the members were varied. Generally, all showed concern for the betterment of the Club. However, one question asked by a senior veteran runner was most amusing: he was correcting the usage of English that an inappropriate “of” was present in the statement.

Swift Decision

I then took my camera and assume the role of cameraman for the Club to record the proceedings of the AGM. While taking photos, I heard my name “KC Leong” was mentioned after the in-coming EXCO was elected. Before I could confirm, I was nominated and seconded. Much like running, Pacesetter members work in a swift manner. I raised my hand to decline but the Parliamentarian said it was already closed.

At that moment, I was thinking very hard much like the new PC Intel Core 2 Quad processor in processing data: do I have the time and effort to assume the committee role and serve the Club. The existing PACM Webmaster role is taking quite a lot of my time – most evening!

Before the committee members were put to vote, I stood firm to decline another time. With my back out, the four nominated committee members automatically became the committee members without having to undergo voting.


Below is the line-up of the new EXCO 2007/2008 for Pacesetters Club:

President - Munning Jamaluddin
Vice-Presidents - Francis Toh Chuan Guan and Rustam Affandi b. Zaihan
Secretary - Tan Swee Huah
Asst Secretary - Jagathasan Naidu
Treasurer - Foo Sook Ying
Asst Treasurer - Tan Pek Moi

Committee Members:

1. Sonny Ng Keng Hoong
2. Aplaidoo s/o Rama Nayadoo
3. Alan Ho Shao Yan
4. John Lee Yeat Lai

We wish that the new EXCO – under the leadership of Mr. Munning – is able to take Pacesetters Club to achieve greater height for another challenging year ahead.

Photos from Annual Dinner:

Crash! Boom! Bang!

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HI KC, thank you and well done for all the wonderful pictures taken. Noted that you had sacrificed your dinner for these pictures. Regards, Molly Ang