Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Hot Putrajaya Marathon

Below are the extracts of P12, P11 and P10's writing:

By Jason Chin, Penguin-12
(After the full marathon race) I just have to sleep off all those sore legs, strain muscles and lastly the sun burn. I have to turn on my room air-conditioning at 16C with fan on, yet I felt the heat...what a bummer!

Overall, Putrajaya marathon was a lonely race for me. Along the way, I could only spot less than five runners at any one time after the 20km mark.

My run started with lots of mix plan. I knew it's going to be a really hot run (somewhat like Singapore) and from the crowd at the starting line, I have foreseen a Melacca '05 type of enthusiasm (where I ran alone for the last 15 km with me and my shadow). But I was happy to see a bunch of crazy FOOL Marathoners starting at the grid chatting without even realizing the starting GUN went off.

I pushed really hard from 10km to 30km as I wanted to get the most out the few down hills. After 30km mark onwards, it was a torture with mainly uphill terrain. Other than the boring straight road, I have to endure the blazing sun shining towards my face.

My last 10km took almost 90 minutes. Overall, I finish the race with strained muscle, sore toes, and sun-burned shoulders but with a happy face for achieving my targeted time of less than 4 hrs 30mins.

By Chee Wee, P11
It was amazing thing that I completed this so called "hot mara". Seriously, I nearly wanted to give up at 32km mark. But, I told myself to stay focus on the course; the sun was blazing on my head & it was so hard to put my head up & look up the bloodily far straight road. My mental was very weak as it kept giving the signal that I wouldn't make it to the finishing line.

I was glad that I brought along the cap for the first time as it allowed me to cover up my head & face. Since I could hardly look up due to the blazing sun, I was running for nearly a distance of 5-6km with the head down; until my mind & neck were feeling stillness. It was a good way to stay focus; as long as I couldn't feel any tiredness from my legs & neck; I could keep on going...

Sadly that after 38km mark, I have to walk & run (baby step) towards the finishing line. I felt very sad that when I stopped & walked, I could feel that my exhausted legs were very heavy & they were in pain. I got a serious & severe pull at my left leg's hamstring at the 40km mark. I thought it would be the end as I couldn't even make a small step forwards; my heart was sunk & my tears were nearly leaking down from my eyes; but, I told myself that it is NOTHING compared to those are still suffering under the hot sun at the back & unfortunate one. Furthermore, there is only another two more KMs especially I knew that the finishing area is nearby. So near but yet so far; towards the end, I am happy that I made it & thank you KC, Francis, Jason & others who were there to cheer for me. Million thanks!

Overall, this race has given me a good experience & opportunity to test my body to the certain limit & endurance. I expected that I would be very exhausting after the run as it has to do with me being lack of trainings; the lesson to be learnt.

At night, my whole body was burning hot due to the severe sun burn & aching lower & upper body. But, fortunately, I got a good sleep; that's why I feel very fresh now despite the sore legs & bury sensational shoulders. Glad thing that everyone in the office that saying that I have a great tan. Hahaha!

I concluded this run as "being a fool running a "fool" hot marathon without putting a decent training; therefore, encountering pains & sufferings". Well, no regret at all to take part in this event; I will come back for it next year (if there is).

Chee Wee

Hi Running Buddies,

Wow, Chee Wee, that's the way! Congratulation!

You made it to stand at the starting line, with your fighthing spirit to overcome the hot & boring & hilly road & at last, you STAND TALL among the MARATHON FINISHER!!!!

Let's forget about the bitter experience & look forward for a well prepared road running race!

Take good rest & well protein to have a quick muscle recovery!

Same to you Jason, Congratulation on another Marathon title in your hand!

Also to our season Marathon runner Khee Meng, Weng; and the Half Marathoner KC, Tony, Steven, Francis … Congratulation!

Eric Teo, P10

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