Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The EDGE-Bursa Malaysia Rat Race 2006

Please click here to view 234 photos jointly taken by WENG and KC.

Please click here to view 121 photos taken by Jason Lee.

Special thanks to Jason Lee and WENG for your help.

This is the proud moment for Penguin Runners as KC (P1), Tony (P3) and Steven (P5) were honoured to be standing at the podium.



RunWitMe said...


C-CUBE said...

KC, congrats.

May Ching said...

I see your big smile !!!! Or maybe its because its too dark and I cannot see the others smile ?? :P

Good job penguin runners :) This has always been the most fun event... great photos too!

krunner said...

Wow, I guys did it!