Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eric and Vivian's Wedding

Please click here to view 109 photos taken by KC.

It was an evening of good company, good food and good fun at the Equatorial Hotel in Malaka.

There were quite a number of Pacesetters Runners invited in that wedding ceremony. One runner commented: “Instead of meeting in the runs, we now meet in the comfort of a hotel”.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Chan Wing Kai, Pacesetters Club photographer. As usual, both of us started taking photos together just like in other running events. The difference was that all participants are in their best dress. The girl runners looked stunningly beautiful in their evening gowns.

Congratulations and best wishes to Eric and Vivian! Yes, you need to step up the production capacity... :-))

Yeah, Tony got "gaya" ...x
The beautiful Chantelle and Maryann.
Vivian's sister and MAX.

The handsom IRONMAN, Lee, is surrounded by the pretty gals. He just did the Langkawi Ironman race this year (swim 4km, cycle 180km, follow by a full marathon same day).

Stay tune for hundreds of great photos taken by Wendy Tan in her recent trekking trip (with other Pacesetters Runners) to Ladakh, India.


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