Monday, September 25, 2006

Trekking in Ladakh, India

Finally, I have completed processing and uploading all the four photo albums from Wendy Tan. I have also updated the Pacesetters Club Web site with a different presentation. Please take a look ... please click here and scroll down the correct photo album.
Photos are by courtesy of Chan Wing Kai
Photos are by courtesy of Wendy Tan:

Please click here (while pressing Shift key to open a new window) to view Album 1 containing 206 great photos.

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to view Album 3 containing 175 great photos.
Please click here to view Album 4 containing 212 great photos.

There was lots of Wow! and Wah! from me when I first saw these photos. The photos viewing session was organized by Wendy Tan, one of the five trekkers for that trekking trip. They were other trekkers and Pacesetters runners in that photo viewing session, two weeks after the trekking trip. We went through each frame of the photos with projection on to a white wall.

With the big screen, the colours of the photos were stunning and the scenery looked spectacular. Each photo, painstakingly taken by Wendy, showed the world’s mightiest mountain ranges. The photos showed the wonderful views of colorful mountains and amazing landscape when they trekked everyday. The views on the landscape were simply beautiful, breathtaking, and spectacular.

As informed by Wendy, they have to trek between 15km to 20km daily. With high altitude and thin air conditions, trekking seemed to be a difficult task that can get tired easily. Her backpack, other than carrying water and jackets, she has to carry the camera lenses that add on to the weight.

Most of the time, the camp sites were situated at an altitude of about 4,200 meters above sea level and their trekking peak at about 4,800m. As a comparison, Genting Highlands is only situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and Mount Kinabalu peaks at 4,100m, while Mount Everest towers at an imposing height of 8,850m.

BRAVO to the five brave runners-cum-trekkers were: Connie Tan, Sonny Ng, Jenny Leong, Chan Wing Kai & Wendy Tan. There were two photographers in that trip: Wendy Tan was using Canon 350D digital SLR camera, and Chan Wing Kai was using Nikon D70s digital SLR camera.

The total duration of that trekking trip was 14 days from 16 August to 30 Augut 2006. Wendy is going to organize another trekking trip next July. Are you interested to join after viewing all these great photos? If you are interested, send an email to me at kcle3 at Yes, let us plan for the next trekking trip.

My observation: due to the harsh weather condition, there are lots of wrinkles on the locals’ faces. Sun and harsh wind may wrinkle their faces but not their souls to live there with the basic amenities.

The next great trekking trip by Pacesetters Runners is starting 29 September 2006 for two weeks. They will be trekking in Nepal and the destination is the Mount Everest base camp. Stay tune for their photos.


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Cheryl Bihag said...

Hi KC,
Is it possible to know details of the Ladakh trek? Like how many days needed for the trek? Is there an available guide that I can contact too incase I'd be allowed to do a trek before or after my event?