Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival

I have not seen adults carrying lanterns and parading the street for a long time. It was indeed a special occasion when Sonny Ng, one of the Team Leaders of Bukit Gasing (Petaling Jaya) Area Group of Pacesetters Club, invited me to their gathering on Saturday evening, 30 September.

When I arrived at the venue, the sky was already dark. The venue was a children playground opposite the entrance of Bukit Gasing. When I alighted from my car which was about 30 meters away, I could hear Sonny Ng’s and PK Chan’ voices stood up amongst the rest.

Approaching the playground, the dark silhouette of members stood out boldly against the dimly lit candle light and battery-powered light. I could see there were quite a number of people at the playground.

It was the prime time for dinner when I arrived. There was variety of food available which was brought by those who were present.

It was an evening of promoting better friendship among the runners; meeting running friends in a different location and at different time of the day. There was lots of conversation while savoring the food.

I notice the conventional “Leng Kok” (eatable plant from China in black and hard shell with two pointed ends) and yams. As usually, not many of the members shown interest in them as there were other more favourite food.

When most of the members have finished the dinner, it was time for lantern parade. Most of the runners where parading accompanying the children in the almost pitch black night within the vicinity of the playground. It really brought back sweet memory during my childhood days.

At one time, Sonny Ng was playing back the photos in his PC Notebook during his recent trekking trip to Ladakh, India. Maybe in time to come, with the advent of technology, Area Group A of Pacesetters Club members would be viewing the concurrent celebration of Area Group B and see what is going on at the other Area Groups.


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