Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DeepaRaya Tonyton

I am pleased to announce that our macho guy, Tony Le’ Quay (aka Penguin-3) is organizing a focused-group training on the Deepavali holiday. The purpose is to cater for those participating in the Powerman Lumut (Saturday 11 Nov 06) and Singapore International Marathon (Sunday 3 Dec 06) to have additional day of training.

On that peaceful and joyous morning, the Boulevard of Putrajaya will be alive with activities just like the international water where many runners and cyclists would be plying the route exchanging pleasantries and smiles; wishing Happy Deepavali greetings to our Indian runners and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri greetings to our Muslim runners.

All runners are welcome. You can bring along your road racing bicycles and cycle there too.

The details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 21 October 2006

Time: Meet at 6:30 a.m. Start at 6:45 a.m.

Venue: The Palace of Justice situated along The Boulevard, Putrajaya. (Same starting point of Putrajaya Marathon held on 10 September 2006). The course is 90% flat and hot (devoid of trees) which is a perfect replica of the conditions of Powerman in Lumut and also Singapore marathon. Yes, the Powerman in Lumut starts at 1:00 p.m. in the hot afternoon!

Car Park: Park your car at the open space car park which is about 50 meters away from starting point.

The Route: Start from the Palace of Justice; run towards Putrajaya Convention Centre and run around it. When return via the same Boulevard, run towards a small roundabout, make a U-turn and then run back to starting point. Total distance is about 10km.

Sorry... the Conventional Centre in the photo is located at top-left corner.

The Route for those who are preparing for Singapore Marathon:
Run 3 laps (about 30km)

The Route for those who are preparing for Powerman:

Run 10km (one lap)
Cycle 60km (six laps)
Run 10km (one lap)

Siok Bee (up-and-coming Duathlete) and Ngae KH (a 100km runner) will be running 30km and cycling 60km, exceeding the standard training requirement. These two Marathoners-cum-Duathletes are taking part in the Powerman and Singapore International Marathon.

Water station: Locate at starting point near Palace of Justice. Volunteers are required.

Mobile Water Station
Our Runner-cum-Coach-cum-Water Boy, Tony, will be carrying bottles of water when he cycles. Tony will be taking part in the coming Powerman in Lumut. The extra weight would enable him to condition his endurance power in overcoming heavier pedal pressure, which is a better idea than just carry extra weights made of lead bars.

We could imagine that water is supplied to another cyclist through a long rubber hose extending from his water bag connecting to the mouth of the cyclist while both are still in cycling action (since every seconds count). It is just like those F111 fighter jets refuelling in mid-air with C-130 Hercules. It is a sure way of improving the manoeuvring skill in cycling that is very crucial in Powerman race.

After the Training Run
The whole group would adjourn to the Lake Side Restaurants at Putra Square which is about two kilometres away. While rewarding ourselves sipping teh tarik and eating brunch, we can admire the beautiful landscape of Putrajaya; the beautiful and fair-skinned Korean or Taiwanese tourists posing for photos just right in front of your eyes – who travel thousands of kilometres to arrive at the same spot as we are. The views would be very different from the stall in Bukit Aman car park, the usual starting point of training runs.

Note: the name “Tonyton” is coined by Ngae KH.

Another more sophisticated name: ‘TONYMATHON’ as suggested by Marvin Lau.


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