Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In Full Bloom

Please click here to view photos taken by KC.
Note: the photos were taken on on 27 August 2006.

Simply beautiful! USJ Subang Jaya is in bloom! Pink and white trumpet trees are flowering profusely in various part of USJ, giving the township a fresh spring look during the current dry and wet weather.

They are commonly called trumpet trees because their flowers resembled trumpets. With the spectacular abundance of pinkish or white flowers, the trees are a welcome sight to town folks.

In some cases, the trees are devoid of leaves and are a simply a riot of flowers just like the cherry blossom in bloom, or much like the Sakura flowers in Japan. The blossoms also created a beautiful carpet of flowers on the ground when they drop.

The scientific name for those trees with pink flowers is tabebuia rosea while those that produced white flowers is called tabebuia pentaphylla.

Not all the trumpet trees are in full bloom. I presume the others were not ready or they have not reached the maturity level yet. Just like in running, some may cross the finishing line faster than the others.



3088 Silver said...

a glance at the first picture gave me the impression that u went to japan. hahaha

Anonymous said...

these flowers will create havoc to car detailers. Imagine the poroblem of removing the stain caused by the pollen that got stuck and baked under the sun...