Sunday, October 29, 2006

LSD - 29 Oct 2006

I was fairly accurate in the prediction over the weather... :-) I sent out one email two days ago notifying the runners of the training runs this Sunday morning. I mentioned that during the Chinese Nine Gods Festival (which started a few days ago), that it will rain every day in the evening and that make the morning nice and cool.
With the rain, the hazy days are over. Yeah, the clear blue skies are back and the rain chased away the haze blues.

After raining the evening before, it was another superb morning for long distance training runs. As usual, we went for 20km in preparation for the Singapore Marathon 2006. Jason Chin and ChinYH even ran an extra 10km.

Back at the Bukit Aman car park, I could see the Club President, Mr. Munning, had set up a booth to facilitate the administrative works for membership services – registration of runs and renewal of membership, etc.

Oh Yes! New Pacesetters running vests are on sale for this season. The vest is deep blue with white bands at the sides; each is retailed at RM 25. According to Mr. Munning, the matching colour shorts are only available next Tuesday.


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