Thursday, October 05, 2006

LensaMalaysia First Anniversary

Being a member of LensaMalaysia photography Club, I was invited to the First Anniversary celebration by Mr. Jeff Ooi, the Founder of the Club. This Club comprises of 1,250 members, which is 150 members less than Pacesetters Club.
The function was held at TNB (Tenaga National Bhd) Building, Petaling Jaya (opposite AmCorp Mall) on Saturday, 30 September. The moment I came out from the lift at 20th floor, I knew it was the correct venue: I saw quite a number of attendees carrying knapsacks and holding big SLR cameras in hands.

This function is to launch the TNB-LensaMalaysia Photo Gallery & Awareness Campaign in support of "Malaysia @ 50" National Photography Contest organised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Merdeka, 2007.

I come to know a few new photography friends there: Paul Choo (who lives in USJ also), Miss Julie Teoh, Alex, and Miss Tortolo. Paul Choo’s expansive flash diffuser was most unique and extra-ordinary. As one member quoted, the expansive gadget looked like a “tau foo far” container attached to the flashgun... :-)

In a function filled with photographers, one has to get use to the scene that one is like a celebrity where the photographers could point the cameras in your direction any moment and start taking photos (though you may or may not be the main subject). Most cameras were either Canon or Nikon brand and are expansive stuff. When I saw them taking photos, I could imagine myself enthusiastically taking photos in the running events too.

Sight, Sound and Action: Almost all photographers point their flashguns at an angle tilted upward towards the subject while a few pointed the flashguns vertically up. Not one pointed the flashgun directly at the subject, which I like to do. Most of the shutter release sound was smooth and sounded alike; which means all cameras are of professional standards and grades. And after taking photos, most photographers would examine the results via the small LCD screen at the back of camera bodies.

Lightning and Thunder: During the exchange of tokens between representatives of TNB and LensaMalaysia, there were about ten photographers taking photos near the stage. A few more were shooting from the back of the auditorium. The intensity of the flashes from so many photographers seemed like lightning amid the thunderous applauses.

There was a talk by a renowned local photographer, Arthur Teng, who shared with us some of his favourite photos taken in South-East Asia, and some useful techniques. I shall be mindful for discrete application of the technique that I learned while shooting running events in future.

Hopefully, there will be more photographers coming to take photos in running, cycling and swimming events. As I told one of the photographers that there are many “leng lui” and “leng chai” runners around waiting for the photographers to unveil their beauties (for girl runners).

Photos by courtesy of Steve, ChenWS, mhfw.

Click here to view photos and visit LensaMalaysia web site.


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