Monday, October 16, 2006

30km Training Run

I could not remember when was my last time that I ran a 30km training run. It has to be before the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon on Sunday 5 March 2006.

After consulting my running log, I realized that the previous 30km run was actually the Great Eastern 30km Run organized by Pacesetters Club on Sunday 22 January 2006. Well, it was certainly a long time – almost a lapse of nine months.

When I reached Bukit Aman car park on Sunday 15 October at 5:00 a.m. – half an hour ahead of starting time – I saw Patrick, Keshab and friends were about to start their 30km training runs. Applying the Pacesetters running formula in preparation for Singapore International Marathon on 3 December 2006, most runners were doing 30km training that morning.

When Meng (Penguin-2) alighted from his Waja car at 5:15 a.m., he was concerned with the haze. It was only then that I realized that there was haze. I was very much wanted to think that it was misty, clean air and serene atmosphere. We were, however, not overly concerned with the haze because it was indeed a joyous moment to be able to stand tall at Bukit Aman car park getting ready to conquer a 30km training run.

This time, there were more runners participating in this self-organized 30km training run. The runners were: PK Chan, Meng, Weng, ChinYH, Sarjit, Gurdev, LimFW, Eric Teo, OngSB, Vivian and Lian Bee Hoon (she ran Boston Marathon a few years ago). The other pack that started at later time was Tony N Guys: MoCheng, Leslie Yee, Maryann, OngSL, YeohSC and Tony (Penguin-3).

The Looping
In order to achieve a distance of 30km, the additional looping was done between the Government offices at Jalan Duta and Petronas station at Sri Hartamas. The looping was similar to the previous 30km training runs organized by Pacesetters Club.

There are a few advantages of this route: more runners are plying this route and we could exchange pleasantries; runners can stop and buy drinks from the Petronas station. Yes, quite a variety of drinks to choose from. Another important factor is that it is far away from the Bukit Aman car park, which is at least 5km away – all runners must run back to the base, no matter what will be the fitness condition.

Looping at the Government Offices could be done in two variances. One could make a U-turn at the bus-stop (about 50 meters from Jalan Duta) where runners would pass by en route to Sri Hartamas. Another method was to loop at the perimeter of the Government Offices where only a few runners did. One lady runner, Vivian, instinctively went to the other loop alone. Fearing for her safety, I signaled to Eric Teo (Penguin-10) who was about 100 meters in front of me, to accompany her.

Mini Water Station
One funny incident that I encountered was with the supply of drinking water. At the 20km pit stop at Petronas station, I bought a bottle of cold isotonic drink. But I finished it after running for two kilometers. I was thinking very hard how to continue running without any water.

I began to pay attention to those runners who carried Pacesetters pouch bag and started to gauge the water level in their bottles. After crossing Jalan Duta, to my big surprise, I saw Ms Lily and her assistants were manning a mini water station situated at the bus stand.

She offered me a cup of plain water. And after that, I eyed on the three big bottles of chilled 100 Plus. She was most kind to let me pour the drinks into my 325cc already emptied plastic bottle.

Mind and Flesh

It was indeed quite a tough training for me. I felt the tiredness in my legs beyond 25km mark. I presume it was caused by lack of practices as my longest distance in the training runs was only 20km. Another reason could be caused by the residual effect of muscle relaxant/anti-inflammatory and pain killer pills that I took last weekend to overcome the back pain problem.

I actually wanted to run 33km; however, the mind is willing but the flesh is failing. Why 33km? I have two previous experiences during Kuala Lumpur International marathons that at 30km mark, I was still running blissfully. The pain then crept in at 33km mark.


Pacesetters Runners are indeed a committed lot. We would actually motivateourselves to dutifully do a 30km training run on our own. I must congratulate those who have successfully completed the necessary mileage.

It was a satisfied 30km training run; I really felt good for able to complete the run.

We will continue with our 20km training run for the next three Sundays leading to the 30km training run that is to be organized by Pacesetters Club on Sunday 12 November.
See you.

Click here for Pacesetters Club web site for details of 30km Practice Run.


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