Monday, October 02, 2006

A 20km Training Run

I was indeed delighted to see quite a number of the running friends turned up for the 20km training run on Sunday morning, 1 Oct, starting at Bukit Aman car park. Those starting at 6am were: PK Chan, Meng, Weng, Jason Chin, Sarjit, Chin and I – all macho guys’ team.

I have not been doing the 20km training run for quite some time since I focused in my speed training for the Kuala Lumpur Executive Rat Race on 5 September.

Photo is extracted from ING New York Marathon

I always feel good to be able to arrive at Bukit Aman car park and standing tall at the retaining wall – the starting point. It means one thing: I am in the pink of health and All Systems Go! I cherish that moment especially when I am unfit: running a 1-km distance seems daunting let alone running a 20km course.

We started the run about 15 minutes late waiting for one runner. About one kilometer before the Selangor Property area (5km mark), one fast runner overtook the pack and immediately, Meng (P2) increased his power and gave a hot pursuit. That was understandable as the pack might be running at a moderate pace. I was amused when Meng reappeared from the bush again. He utilized the lead time for peeing.

The subject matter was diverted to peeing where fast runners actually pee in their runs to save valuable seconds against the competitors. The concern of not wetting own running shoes raised by Jason Chin jolted our thinking. Though not wetting the running shoes is a skill, we were stretching our minds a little that to be able to pee and wet the competitor’s shoes was indeed the supreme skill.

Five hundreds meters to the Sri Hartamas pit stop, we heard two lady fast runners were trailing us. They were fast as their conversation reached us within seconds. When they overtook us, I recognized that she was Hailey Holle, the Champion runner of Women’s category.

At that fast speed, they could still engaged in conversation. It was amazing that after almost 10km, they were still running at fast pace. Immediately, Meng and I charged up our reserved energy and we followed their paces. Luckly, it was only 500 meters to pit stop. Otherwise, the usual term commonly used by marathon runners, “pum chat” (puncture; meaning loosing steam to run) would seem true to me.

On the returning route from Sri Hartamas, we met and exchanged pleasantries with Tony, MoCheng, Eric, Vivian, Leslie, Maryann and Siok Bee, who started slightly later.

We are looking forward to another great 20km training run this Sunday 8 Oct, starting at 6am from Bukit Aman car park again. Oh Yes, the group is embarking on the Singapore International Marathon journey on Sunday 3 December. There are at least five runners who would be running their maiden full marathon challenge. I wish them successful completion in their first marathon run.


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