Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shape Run 2008 - Final - Part5

Note: There will be no postings for one week. I will be away for holidays.

Happy Running and Happy Trekking to all.

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This posting is about yours truly (KC). After published for more than 600 postings, it is a good idea to do a posting on me. I appeared in a number of the photos while running in the Shape Run 2008 at Lake Gardens recently. Thanks to Jason Lee, the photographer, who capture the memorable happening for the runners.

Competition of a different type? ... :-)
x A tall Clown - with Peik Yah and her sister
xWith Chee Wee
In running action

With other running friends. (L-R): Evanna, KC, Weng, Tony, Penny, William, ..., ... (friends of Penny/William).

Evanna is 8.5 months pregnent and she completed the 5km run (with walking in between). BRAVO!

Photos courtesy of Jason Lee
Posted by KC


Anonymous said...

What an inspiration you guys are!! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful trip KC!

All best wishes, Joy

MalaysiaWills said...

hihi, I am Evanna ... wow, didn't know that you posted my photo ar ...

hahahah ... anyway, keep up the good blogging !!!

ps: I just started blogging also, which is ...

mine is more specialized towards video blogging