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Gong Xi Fattt Cai Trail Running

The group went for a Gong Xi Fattttt Cai trail running at FRIM Kepong on Saturday, 5 February 2011 as initiated by Chong YF. That morning, the weather was fine and superb for outdoor activities, much like those Chinese horoscope declaring that it is a good day to conduct some activities.

The trail running was necessary; as reported, that was to help digest too much of CNY yum yum yum seng and makan.

Back (L-R): ChongYF, Steven Oon, MakCK, Peter Chan, Chiew Hong, PK Chan, KC Leong
Front: Ee May (from Singapore), Vivienne, Carol
That morning, my greetings to the other elderly trekkers, instead of the simple Good Morning, were a bit mouthful to complete. Most of the time, it varied with the following wishes:

Kong Hei Fattttt Choy (abundance of prosperity)Sun thei kin hong (good health)Sun Nin Fai Lok (happy Chinese New Year)
Of course, the wishes reciprocated with much delights from them.

However, with those fast approaching mountain bikers, the greetings have to be super fast, much like their speed. Otherwise, they just zoom past us before I could finish the greetings.

On the right is Dr Sharah
This time, we have a better plan to tackle the Salem High Country hill coming from Rover Track, passing by Mountain Bike Track and Steroid Hill.

We ascended via the wide track where the group could run; we later descended via the mountain trail cutting through the hills. According to one uncle who went there five times a week, there is a track that surrounds the Salem High Country Hill. By going one round, it signifies 'jin wan' (change of luck). Anyway, we went half a loop until it was blocked by a fallen tree and we detoured to run to the peak.
Cheers to a brand new year and cheers to good health !!
Vivienne is second from left.

L-R: Chiew Hong, Vivienne, PK Chan, KC Leong, ChongYF, Peter Chan, Steven Oon, Ee May (Dr. Sharah is holding camera).
Photos courtesy of Vivienne using her iPhone
(that can disguise as an old fashion cassette tape ... cool).
After the trail running, we spent some time relaxing at the Malay Tea House nestled deep inside FRIM park. Last Sunday, we passed by the same venue but it was drizzling; with the totally drenched situation, the group was not in a mood to spend much time at the tea house.

From the menu, the price of the tea is little pricey. The issue: not many of us brought money along. So we have to declare and calculate whether we have enough money to settle the bill; otherwise, one or two would have to be left behind to wash cups or plates ... :-) Anyway, we have more than enough even to go for another round of nasi lemak at the Malay stalls at the far end of the park.

Special thanks to Chiew Hong and Peter Chan for paying the bill and gave us a Gong Xi Fatt Cai treat.
Cheers! Cheers! PK Chan (partly hidden), ChongYF, Peter Chan

When the tea was served, other than the creamy feeling and superb quality, the first sip gave a special aromatic flavour and taste which is distinctively different from the usual teh tarik of those mamak restaurants.

Yes, you have to be there to try it out.

Dr. Sharah on the right (Vivienne is holding camera)

On the way out, ChongYF led us via the jungle trail trying to arrive at the Malay stalls at the far end of the park for some Round 2 makan. The group manoeuvred though the almost invisible trail; crossed a stream and finally emerged from the jungle. Yeah, we still get jungle trail in FRIM.
Our surprises: we came out from the football field which was only half way between the car park and the Malays stalls. With the short stint of trail, we attracted quite a number of minute leeches that look like they were devoid of food.

Since it was only Chor 3 (third day of CNY), the Club House was not opened. So we were not able to have a good refresh after the trail running. Nevertheless, the group did have a good time running together and savouring the good tea for the Gong Xi Fatttt Cai run.
Uplifting Mood ... Yeah! After a good trail running and satisfying tea ... The group posing at the entrance of the Malay Tea House in FRIM

After the trail running ... we met Tony Q and Lai Kuan who were on a special training mission.
Tony Q (back, L3); Lai Kuan (front R2)

Written by KC Leong

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