Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CNY Dinner and Karaoke – Prelude

After weeks of trail running at Puchong Hill, FRIM Park and the most recent challenge at Gunung Nuang, the group shall take a rest this weekend.

We shall gather for a dinner and karaoke session in the good company of everyone still in the festive mood of Chinese New Year with the auspicious notion of loh sang (this Saturday evening, 19 February 2011).

In this group, we shall have Jolin Tsai, George Lam and Jackie Cheong of the runner/trekker to sing us some songs while we dine.

This is the KTV room for our coming gathering, spacious and pleasant with window on the right.
1. Edwin Goh
2. Mak CK
3. Tony Q
4. PK Chan
5. SC Yong
6. Jason Thiang
7. ChooTS
8. KC Leong

9. Fiona
10. Sharon Tan
11. Patricia Yap
12. Carol
13. Monsy
14. Lai Kuan
15. Leng

I am pleased to inform that Mak CK will sponsor 3 litres of good wine!
In the previous episode, more diners were keenly contesting for the mike that even a drumstick can double-up as a tool before it is being eaten.

Most of the time, the singing improves tremendously with the progressive support of good wine that slowly but surely boasts the confidence of a diner.

Not to worry that if one could not sing well. We are supposed not to sound like singers; otherwise, we would be singers and not runners or trekkers. (Quotable quotes from Germaine)

If Dr. Shara is able to find a replacement doctor, he is going to join us. Then we would have extended time to ask him more medical questions ranging from the complex/advanced to the down-to-earth one like “is eating yee sang good for health?”

If you would like to join us, do inform me (contact details on the right sidebar).
Do click here to view photos of previous dinner and karaoke session for the celebration of post-Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010.

Good times together - post-Mt Kinabalu Climbathon 2010 celebration
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