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Lucky Valley

A visit to Lucky Valley Resorts at Muadzam Shah, Pahang with my family members and relatives to experience the natural chi (qi) and the tranquil environment from 7-9 Dec 2012.
The environment is full of natural energy and chi which is an ideal place to recharge one's body energy. Unique to this area is the abundance of natural chi balls which are not visible to the naked eyes but are visible in photos.
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 Your truly (KC) with my family members and relatives at the tranquil environment of Lucky Valley for a weekend retreat

  The main car park area

 Block A (left) and Block B ... Block A can accommodate 20 persons; Block B, 16.

 The Energy Pyramid – most spectacular and unique structure in Lucky Valley

 A 2-storey high pyramid with a spacious interior and raised central platform that is good for meditation, yoga, qigong and other energy-mind-body exercises

 The Pagoda of Lucky Valley – breezy and unobstructed view; a cylindrical building topped by a dome. Standing right below the dome, one would experience echoing of sound

 View platform of the pagoda – splendid view of the surrounding areas; the red-top building is the reception and recreation areas
Day-2, 8 December 2012, Saturday, 7:00 a.m. - Trekking trip lead by Mr Das and accompanied by the resident dogs, only five of them were here. In this photo is my nephew.

Guarded by the vigilant dogs which are constantly on the look-up for danger, they also enjoy the outdoor activity by running around happily.

I was told by Mr Hwang, the caretaker of the resorts, that in one of the retreats, there were 80 members, the slow ones were left behind and lost their way; they were guided by the dogs safely back to the resorts.

 Beautiful morning with clear blue sky … Mr Das in yellow T-shirt.
 The trail leads us to the main gate of Lucky Valley that look like the twin towers in The Lord of the Rings movie, albeit a much smaller scale… yours truly (KC).

 A bee busy in extracting nectar

 Day-3, 9 December 2012, Sunday, 6:30 a.m.
Notice the abundance of natural chi balls in the air.

 Notice the abundance of natural chi balls in the air (or are these water vapour?)

 Notice the abundance of natural chi balls in the air.

 Yours truly (KC) … the dots of white light in the background is the reception and recreation areas of Lucky Valley Resorts
 Note: the lens (of camera) is clean and no condensation on the lens; other people also experienced the same photo effect before.
 Morning exercise in progress

 Guarding the lakeside bungalow – a cute and nice looking puppy
 The lakeside bungalow of Lucky Valley – This is the 3rd energy spot of the Lucky Valley: the first is the open pagoda, the second is the energy pyramid, the third is the lake.

 Release all your bad energy into the lake – the lakeside bungalow is good for activities such as meditation or exercise right beside the water

 The lake where the lakeside bungalow is located

Entrance by the Kuala Rompin main road: 4.5km from the main overhead bridge of Muadzam Shah; 5km from here to the main reception area via the red-earth road with bumpy ride.

GPS coordinates at this location (by KC Leong): E 103, 5' 43.2" ... N 3, 2' 34.9"
Do click here for Google Maps of Lucky Valley (mark by green arrow).

How to go to Lucky Valley Resorts, Muadzam Shah of Pahang:
a. Via North-South Highway: exit at Senawang toll (after Seremban); follow Kuala Pilah road sign; at Kuala Pilah, make a left turn at traffic light next to MCA Building. Follow Batu Kikir, Bandar Tun Razak, then Muadzam Shah;
b. Via SILK and LEKAS Highway: enter via Mines Shopping Complex or Cheras Selatan Shopping Complex (both at Balakong); at the far end of LEKAS Highway, left exit to Kuala Pilah. Follow Batu Kikir, Bandar Tun Razak, then Muadzam Shah;
c. Approaching Muadzam Shah, at the flyover to Kuantan and Kuala Rompin, take 3 o'clock turn (left exit and go under the flyover); on the main road to Kuala Rompin, 4.5km away, you will see the signboard of Lucky Valley. To arrive at destination is another 5km red-earth road with bumpy ride;
d. Total distance from Kuala Lumpur is about 250km; travelling time is about 3.5 hours.
How to Capture the Natural Chi Balls:
a. Best when it is dark (say, before 6 am); when the sun comes out, the chi balls are not easily visible;
b. Point camera at the sky as the uniform background is more visible;
c. Use flash photography (I read that for best effect, use compact camera instead of SLR).


Do click here for the official website.

Extracted here are the official descriptions:
LUCKY VALLEY is nestled in 500 acres of fruit orchards, vegetable plots and herb gardens, cultivated on what was previously virgin jungle, which still lines the perimeter of the land. The retreat was founded by Directors who discovered that the energy in the area was unusually strong, and could be harnessed for health and healing. So the land was acquired and the jungle was turned into a rich plantation of common and exotic fruits, medicinal herbs, and organic vegetables.
The retreat is frequented by many foreigner and local groups who come on organized “energy-enriching” retreats. Many are Yoga, TaiChi, Qigong or spiritual groups. The retreat is not a religious centre but is suitable for any meditative or spiritual group.
The land is strewn with paths that join the different structures and areas, and in the perimeter is the 7 km hiking trail that is the highlight of any visit to the retreat. The hike starts in the early morning after a light breakfast. There are ponds and lakes that are covered by many species of water-lilies and lotuses. The fishes for our meals are home-reared, and are caught fresh just before being cooked. Recreational fishing is not encouraged though it would be a haven for such enthusiasts. The lakeside bungalow allows activities like meditation, discussions and exercises to be done right by the waterside.

Posed by KC Leong

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