Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Legendary Mau San Wong

Let me share with you a few funny incidents on the recent Qigong Retreat at Pine Resorts of Fraser's Hill (23-25 Nov 2012):
One member commented that she is impressed with the relentless effort of me in taking photos for the Qigong Association – from start until end. Glad to hear some kind words and positive response. I have changed some camera settings this time. When using flash, I changed the Colour Control setting, White Balance shoot in absolute Kelvin, Exposure Compensation, ISO, Shooting Mode, Metering Mode, etc. The results: much better looking pictures. But when come to changing environments, there are many settings need to revert; and at times, I forgot one or two.
While travelling up to Fraser's Hill on last Thursday, 22 Nov (a day preceding the event), the organizing committees have lunch at Bukit Beruntung town. Then they bought Mau San Wong (Musang King) durian from an old man and his wife. I have not seen Musang King durian before; they are big fruits and very difficult to open. Seeing the elderly couple, so I helped the seller to ply open the Musang King durian by using my two hands. The durian slipped and fell from table top, nearly hitting my legs. The old man was squatting next to me opening another durian. Luckily, the Musang King did not hit his almost bald head. But the thorns injured my finger and my wrist on my right hand.
Looking at the deep yellow texture of the flesh, judging from the number of hands wanting to have a share of it, and the facial expression beaming with excitement, we know this must be a prized discovery – the Mau San Wong!
While the chi gong members were eating durians at Pines Resort, I was busy taking photos. The moment that Mau San Wong is mentioned, I could see members’ eyes were wide opened in excitement with increased in movement looking for the fruit. Such is the severe attraction of this prized fruit. Then one chi gong member passed me one seed of flesh; looking at the deep yellow texture, I was delighted and I thought it was Musang King. Frankly, I have not eaten Musang King durian before. But it turned out to be a D24 durian!
During the Opening Address by Mr Liow KH laoshi, The President of the Association of Zhineng Qigong (M'sia), he even included a little airtime in his speech of his concern of eating too much durian during the qigong retreat. For the mixture of chi and gas in the process of chemical reaction in the stomach, it would be potent when the gas was leaked out from the bodies into the enclosed Lectures Hall.
When I returned home (on Sunday, 25 Nov), I started putting medical plasters on the injured areas. When taking bath, not wanting to wet them, so I raised my right hand while taking shower. Then I realised that it was similar to John Travolta's famous Saturday Night Fever dance act. Later, when I informed the organizing committee (via email), one of them quipped: this is how John Travolta got the idea of the dance act when he opened durian and injured his index finger.
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