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Zhineng Qigong Retreat at Fraser's Hill

Zhineng Qigong (M'sia) Retreat at Pines Resort of Fraser's Hill: 22 Nov 2012 (Thursday) - preparation of venue; 23 Nov (Friday) - arrival of participants and start of lectures and practice sessions.
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 Pines Resort of Fraser's Hill

 Arriving at the venue one day earlier in setting up the lecture hall ... Cindy, Brenda, Caryn, Benz, Lim BB, Grace, TanCH and yours truly (KC).

 Hard at work to decorate the hall with props and and to ensure the equipment is working in order 

 23 Nov 2012 (Friday) - Arrival of members for the weekend retreat; members from USJ Centre

Lunch is served

Going to the lecture hall

 Fraser's Retreat Committee ... yours truly (KC) at right most.
(left, back) Tan CH, Liow KH, Grace Lim, Alice Cheong, Teng CW, Chuah CK;
(left, front) Benz Ng, Cindy Lim, Lim BB, Caryn Keong, Amy Leong.

Lectures facilitator - Lu Lin Kun laoshi from China

Group practice of qigong at the cool outdoor of Fraser's Hill

Exotic gastronomic delights – a special treat to the branded durians such as D24, D88, Musang King (mau san wong)

Looking at the deep yellow texture of the flesh, judging from the number of hands wanting to have a share of it, and the facial expression beaming with excitement, we know this must be a prized discovery – the Mau San Wong!

Samatha Tee (2nd from left) and her family members

Lu Lin Kun laoshi illustrating the finer point of qigong practice

Participants listen attentively

Looking for the right balloon - each participant is to burst the balloon bearing his/her own name in eliminating any sickness or illness (that has been transmitted via chi into the balloon)

To be continued ... Part 2... click here

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