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Qigong Trekking and Singing

There were two main activities happening on Saturday 27 October 2012. In the morning, I led a few of the qigong (or chi gong) members for a trekking trip at Puchong Hill (or Ayer Hitam Hill). As usual, while the members werel walking, I took the opportunity to do my trail running. I would run forward and backward so that the whole group is moving as one team.
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 At Puchong Hill … (left) TanCH, Lim BB, Grace Lim, Cindy, Tioh, Brenda, KC Leong

On the same evening, the qigong member held a potluck dinner gathering at Mr Gan’s house, one of the qigong members. There was lots of food to eat; the members contributed Ayam Mas, fried beehoon, fried rice, tong sui, Indian rojak, Chinese rojak, etc., while the host sponsored red wine.

After we were satisfied with the gastronomic delights, Gan gave us a voice lesson on the basics of singing and learn to sing better. Complete with a good karaoke and lighting system in his house, it was a cosy corner for expressing one’s singing prowess.

 Gan giving a short briefing on how to sing better… (left) Amy, LimKS, Brenda, Cindy Lim, Grace Lim, KwaNE, LimBB, TanCH, Tioh.

To warm up our vocal chords, the first lesson was making the phonetic sounds of A, E, I, O, U by singing along with a Japanese lady instructor viewed from a DVD video, and then progressively increasing the complex scale.  It was quite interesting trying to understand what it takes in order to sing well. In future, we can impress our friends in the karaoke sessions.

According to Gan, one important aspect of singing is the ability to control breathing well by increasing the capacity of the lung. This ability is enhanced by expanding the ribs and by holding the abdominal muscle using strong dan_dian chi. In learning qigong, the important of dan dian chi is also being emphasized repeatedly.

After the short briefing, the members were a bit concern in assessing their own singing ability. Well, the more we know, the more we worry; to certain extent, ignorance fuels bravery.
Well, it was a fun and interesting gathering for learning something new.

 Blowing of air to a piece of paper to maintain equilibrium in ensuring it does not drop for 10 to 20 seconds … Tioh looks on.
I still remember after returning from Mount Everest Base Camp trekking at Nepal, the trekkers hold a post-event gathering, and Rocky and I sang the song, Hotel California. Though it is a very tuneful and melodic song to listen to but terribly difficult to sing it well. Luckily, someone in the group stop the song; otherwise, I would have sore throat … :-)

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 Gan stressing a point while Tioh and Soo laoshi listen attentively

 Cute Japanese lady tutor in the DVD video ... a, e, i, o u

 Cindy's turn to test out her singing ability

 Gan’s karaoke and disco system
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