Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Post-EBC Get-together Dinner

It was indeed an evening of good camaraderie amid good food and good laughter. Thank you all for being at the Unique Seafood Restaurant, Petaling Jaya, that enable the dinner on Sunday evening successfully held. I truly enjoyed myself with the food, the conversation, the drinks, the friendship and of course the karaoke session. Special thanks to Sharon Tan for organizing this post-EBC get-together dinner.

Please click here to view the photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Cheers! Cheers! (L-R): SC Yong, Pei Ling, Joseph Yong, Sharon Tan, Rocky Dan, KC Leong, PK Chan, WongFK. The huge fish in the background set the theme relating to seafood.

Thanks to Jospeh Yong and Leng for the special agar-agar cake to commemorate the successful completion to Everest Base Camp. The cake has a flat area and a big round cup shape that signified Mount Everest and the lower plains. You two are really thoughtful for the occasion. They even present two bottles of tonic drink nicely wrapped in gift paper each to PK Chan and Rocky Dan.

It is good to include two additional strong trekkers – Joseph Yong and Leng – in the EBC group of trekkers. Joseph Yong’s determination of scaling to EBC alone really impressed us while Leng who is able to organize the recent SkyTrek Adventure flawlessly showed that she is a good organizer. Click here for Sky Trex report.

From a different angle: KC Leong, PK Chan, WongFK, Leng, Jayne, Yee Choi

Thanks to PK Chan for bringing a bottle of Champagne to spice up the mood of the gathering. After a few cheers, we realized that we need at least a few more bottles of Champagne or wine.

The setting in this room for dining is posh. The walls are decorated with many huge fishes that sure look dramatic as though we would be eaten by the hungry big fishes. In actual fact, we eat them – we ordered a fairly expansive steam 'soon hock' fish that tasted superb!

The agar-agar cake in celebrating the successful trekking trip to Mount Everest Base Camp

We agreed that Jayne can sing very well. She has a pleasant voice especially when delivering Mandarin and Cantonese songs that can rival many of the singers. Though Rocky Dan and I like the song Hotel California, but I never know that it was so difficult to sing. Thanks to PK Chan who cancel it prematurely. Otherwise, I think we are going to have sore throat.

PK Chan has a sweet and bassy voice when heard over the karaoke system. In responding to Sharon's remarks that I could sing, PK Chan quipped that KC now refused to let go of the mike. I think I need a lot of training (just like trekking) to improve my voice. Anyway, this is definitely safer than trekking in Everest region which is much comfortable, and I only need to open and close my mouth.

Hmmm... yummy... the excellent 'shoon hock' fish

Yee Choi would want to sing a few Japanese songs to show us how eloquently he can converse and sing in Japanese. However, we examined the karaoke system a few times and it is not Japanese-songs-ready yet, maybe in version 2.0 !

While singing Bee Gee’s ‘Words’ and ‘Melody Fair’ songs, there was one action which we forgot to do: to cover one of our ears in emulating the famous stage act. While singing Sir Cliff Richard’s The Young Ones, at times, I would have to replace the ‘ones’ with ‘once’.

During the dinner, we suddenly realized that the name Slim Wong coined by Sharon Tan is an excellent name possibly we have been hearing a lot of the Slim Shady song. When Wong is not slim, he can always say his EBC girlfriend gave him this name to motivate him to slim down. When he is slim already, the name reaffirms his EBC girlfriend's aspiration.


The L.J.S. singers in action -- Leng, Jayne and Sharon

We wished that it was a Saturday night and we can sing until the cows come home. Nevertheless, it was a good start that other than trekking together, we could also sing together very well. When we left, it was almost 11pm where there wasn't any other diner in the restaurant!

By now, you would notice that the other EBC members Alexis, Fiona, Siti and Ikhwan were not present in the dinner. Well, Fiona went for some adventurous exploration in Laos while Alexis was holidaying and relaxing in Bali. After achieving 5,500m at the EBC trek, any other exploration that is having lower elevation should be easier now.

Being the EBC (Mout Everest Base Camp) Team Lead, I am honoured to be nominted to cut the cake

This group of trekkers is a versatile group: we could trek in the mountains walking non-stop for many hours; do a vertical climb and walking around in mid-air for the SkyTrek Adventure challenge. It is fun to note that without knowing the actual difficulty, we upgraded to the extreme challenge category for the maiden attempt.

We look forward to more get-together karaoke sessions to be organized by Sharon Tan again, other than trekking. Tentatively, the next singing session is schedule on Saturday 23 January 2010. Cheers!

Click here for all photos of EBC_4Oct 2009.

Written by KC

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