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Fiona's pre-Melbourne Trip

Prelude Story:.
"Our white fairy, Fiona, is migrating to Australia in 2 weeks' time. So are you folks free to get together for a drink, eat and yak on Wedn 13 January at 7.30 p.m.?" wrote Joseph Yong in his email.

Immediately, the EBC group is super active again exchanging emails, much like we were trekking as a team going up the base camp of Mount Everest. As for me, Aisey, my hands are trembling when I read the notification. Oh! No! We are going to miss her! We must have the gathering before she goes.

Wong's response: "You don't migrate just because I call you 'leng ma lai mui'. Maybe you want me to call you 'kwai mui'. Are you going for trekking in Australia and not inviting us"?

Immediately after the EBC trip, Fiona went to Laos for another outing. Seeing that she is getting very dark in the photos, that prompt Wong's remarks. Nevertheless, I said that just call 'leng mui' (pretty gal) will do ... :-)

Fiona's response: "Now may I clarify ... I am NOT migrating. I am going to Melbourne just for a month. But would love to meet up with you all before my very short expedition."

So, here we are having a gathering and dinner at the Big Elephant, a cozy Thai restaurant in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Fiona -- one of the EBC trekkers.
Let me share with you the photos of Apollo Bay and Port Campbell where Fiona is going. She will leave for Melbourne tomorrow, Wednesday 20 January for one month of business and leisure tirp. Other than spending most of her time in Melbourne, she will be spending 5 days of retreat at Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia).

During my 10 - 19 Dec 2009 holiday trip to Melbourne, I also went there for a day trip visiting the 12 Apostles (also along the Great Ocean Road trip).

Here is wishing Fiona a pleasant trip and an enjoyable holidays.

Click here for enlarged photos
The get-together dinner at The Elephant Restaurant in Section 17 on Wedn, 13 Jan 2010. The gathering was held to give a rousing send-off to Fiona. Nexted within three block of flats, the inside of the restaurant is posh and classy. The Thai dishes and food were superb; thanks to Fiona for recommending the restaurant.

The EBC team members (R-L): Sharon Tan, Jayne Aw, Joseph Yong, Fiona, yours truly (KC), SC Yong, WongFK and PK Chan

Sharon Tan and Jayne

Apollo Bay -- This is a scanned page from the book "The Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Australia" that I bought. Notice the white sandy beach that stretch for kilometers of the coastline.

Port Campbell -- It is an ideal base for exploring the 12 Apostles and also popular for seaside holidays.

A is where the bus, after leaving the site of 12 Apostles, will travel. In another thousand's years, the land at the bottom right would be washed away (I think).

B is where the bus having its pit stop, and the book (where this picture is scanned) is bought here.

C is the public toilet. While I was walking from B to C, it was drizzling and the wind was blowing strongly.

Nice place to stay and for holidays !!

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