Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flash Photography Workshop

Let me share with you a few of the photos taken in the 1-day photography workshop at the Nikonian Academy on Saturday 9 January (that cost RM 400 a day).

Please click here for photos taken by yours truly (KC).

A fair-skin Jojo with her soft golden hair dancing gently to the movement of air

There are 17 participants in this class -- good response! All carrying expansive SLR photographic equipment. Other than the theory, we are taught not to point the flash unit directly at the subject. So next time when you see someone who use flash unit during daylight and turn his flash unit pointing at all different directions (other than the main subject of the photo), you know that he has received some kind of 'yea chuk' (pro training).

George -- The handsome, yow yeng and macho guy. Standing next to the posters of Ah Long financers enhance his yow yeng image... :-) I am supposed to make the sky bluer; instead, there is glow from the sky.

The two course conductors, Andrew and Sean, are really good. They are full of enthusiasm and very passionate about photography; they readily impart their knowledge to the participants.

The Nikonian Academy actually engaged three models for the participants to perform the hands-on training. What confuse us (or me) is that the course conductor wrote on the white-board "Don't shoot girls"... :-)

Gorgeous Stephanie Chua -- 1st Runner Up of Miss World Malaysia 2009
After viewing my photos, I am not very satisfied with the results. Given another chance, I think I could improve the results further. Maybe I can try taking the photos of trekkers or runners... :-) Nevetheless, I do learn valuealbe new skill arising from this workshop.

Serious learning in action: this is how we do the photo shoot. Andrew (in white shirt, right side) is one of the course conductors; not in the photo is Sean Liew, another course conductor.

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