Sunday, January 31, 2010

SkyTrex - Big Thrill

After weeks of planning, finally, the group congregated at Taman Pertanian of Shah Alam for another challenge of SkyTrex Adventure. This time, the group is engaging on the Big Thrill which is the prequel of Extreme Challenge.

Taking the public transport to the starting point of SkyTrex Adventure land (from the entrace of the Park)
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Roger - putting on the safety equipment by a trained staff who are students from local colleges. Roger is now an IRONMAN, upgraded from the previous Powerman.

Yee Choi sharing a light moment with PK Chan (both marathon runners and recent EBC trekkers) and Leng, our SkyTrex coordinator.

One for the album: Yee Choi, Roger, Nurool, Lai Kuan, Alexis, Leng, PK Chan and yours truly (KC).

True to its name, the Big Thrill is slightly easier compared to Extreme Challenge. Besides, hovering at about 15 meters above the ground, it is lower than the Extreme Challenge. Nevertheless, for beginners, it is indeed a good start to overcome the challenges high up within the tropical rain forest.
This is how you should fasten the pulley ... pre-game demo by a trained staff. Adherence to proper procedure is very important to ensure the safety of each participant.
From tree to tree: Alexis is at left while Roger is at right. I am always amused with the similarity in sound with Mazda 323.

Lai Kuan, the Bukit Tabur queen (as the group members call her), take on the adventure game effortlessly

Alexis in action ... According to the brochures, this is called Happy Hopper. Well, contrary to the name, it is not an easy game to play. The supporting plank are placed quite far a part. Other than using the rope to support your body, much like what Tarzan would do, one has to bend the knee, push like a frog in order to reach th next plank.

Alexis giving a hands-free pose (in this photo, with her new hairdo, she resembles Sammi Cheng, a Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer)

Yee Choi, a marathon runner and a recent EBC trekker, was very excited about the adventure that he yearns to come back for the next Extreme Challenge.

Tentatively, Leng, our efficient SykTrex coordinator, fixes Saturday 6 March for the next Extreme Challenge. If you would to join, please contact Leng at

For those who trek up Bukit Tabur or Klang Gate Ridge (click here for photos/reports by KC) regularly, you would have sufficient training to take on the Extreme Challenge without fearing of height.
After the challenge, the group adjourn to the famous Bak Ku Teh in Klang... hmmm... yummy, yummy !!
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