Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon 23 - 24 October 2010

(2009 Filepix) A participant approaching Low's Peak of Mount Kinabalu. A journey that usually takes two days is accomplished in two hours!


Deemed as “The World’s Toughest Mountain Race”, the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon is the ultimate challenge to take for those game enough to test their endurance by running up and down Mount Kinabalu for a total distance of 21 kilometers. This race is a true challenge to the spirit of human endurance. The average climber takes two days to climb the mountain but participants of the race can make it in less than 3 hours up and down Mt. Kinabalu (4095.2m), with a total distance of 21km for all Men, Women and Men's Veteran categories.

Do click here to view latest photos and posting happening on 23-23 October 2011.

The Climbathon is part of the Sky Runners World Series Circuit for the 9th consecutive year and is the only race in the circuit that is held outside Europe. The Sky Runner World Series is regulated and coordinated by the Europe-based Federation for Sport at Altitude (FSA).
Dear Fellow Runners and Trekkers,

You are invited to join us in this annual Mount Kinabalu Climbaton challenge 2010. TonyQ and yours truly (KC) are motivated to take up this challenge. With proper training, you would be able (or tough enough) to stand at the starting line on 23 October 2010. Do read the points below to motivate you to take up this challenge:

(1) We need to take the challenge one day. Why not just do it now?
(2) Most participants require a few attempts to make it to the peak. Just do it at your own pace, a little faster than your normal trekking

(3) No climbing fees, no porters, no mountain guides … just pay registration fee and climb Mount Kinabalu
(4) No need to stay overnight at Laban Rata, the mid-way of Mount Kinabalu; thus it is a cheaper way to see Mount Kinabalu

(5) 2009 Experience: The total trip of 4D3N (plus return flight air fare by AirAsia) cost less than RM 500, that also include transport fee from Kota Kinabalu town to National Park and back (info provided by TonyQ)
(6) Have the rare oppunitunity to meet World Top Climbathoners how they conquer the mountains

(7) Together with our Mountain Sifu, TonyQ, we will train together monthly at Gunung Nuang , Gunung Irau, and Pine Tree Trail of Fraser's Hill in preparing for this challenge.
So are you motivated to take up this challenge? If you are interested, do contact Tony or me..
Tony Quay:
HP: 016-274 2213

HP: 012-266 8166

Other consideration:

4D3N trip - Leave on Friday and return on Monday. Veteran category starts on Saturday morning while Open Category starts on Sunday. The group shall have sumptuous seafood dinner in KK town on Sunday evening to celebrate the completion of the mountain challenge.

Registration fees: RM 30 for veteran and RM 60 for Open category. Registration starts in mid-February 2010.
Tony will do a running vest for the group. Tagline, for example: “Are U Tough Enough for Mt KK Climbathon” with personalized name of participants.
From what we know, the first timer who made it to the peak is Yee Choi. A marathon runner and recently completed the trekking trip to Mount Everest Base Camp trip (5,500m) from 4 - 20 October 2009. With 12 consecutive days of acclimatization in high elevation, his body system was able to adapt and overcome the challenges in Mount Kinabalu Climbation.
Click here for official website. The photos above are extracted from the official website.
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Anonymous said...

One of the toughest races I've ever done! I am in a lot of pain today! Well done if you got there, I hope you were happy with your performance! The atmosphere was awesome!