Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Carnival and Fireworks

Elvis Presley impersonator

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Kids' favourite

Imagine that your neighbourhood community celebrates Chinese New Year with the engagement of entertainers and display of fireworks. Imagine also that you are in the middle of the balls of flame amid thunderous blast of the fireworks – with similar magnitude of those year-end countdowns – without having to buy and light those fireworks yourself.

Well, I am lucky to be in the neighbourhood of USJ Subang Jaya. On Sunday, 21 February evening, there was a concert and carnival in celebrating the Chinese New Year at MPSJ outdoor stadium. This is one of the rare occasions on fireworks displays where I do not have to drive my car -- the launching area of fireworks is only 200 meters from my house.

The unique fireworks with cursive line resembles the signatures (click at the photo album for an enlarged and clearer display)

The entertainer, an impersonator who is the owner of Kwai Lum Restaurant in Subang Jaya, not only with similar body size, he does sound like Elvis Presley delivering songs that mesmerized many of the audiences.

Staging it at the brightly lit MPSJ outdoor track, the atmosphere was calm, casual and caring among folks in the neighbourhood of USJ Subang Jaya. Mandarin oranges and bottled water were distributed free to those present. A few uncles even came in singlets and shorts similar to those typical TV commercials. The area here is a stark contrast with my early morning runs at the same track which is in darkness and devoid of people.

The event was well organized; the turnout was good and not too overly crowded.

Superb ... just like a drawing

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