Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loh Sang Dinner

It was an evening of good camaraderie, good food in an enchanting and posh setting of Ti Chen Restaurant at Saujana Resort Golf and Country Club.

This loh sang gathering held on Saturday 20 February to usher in the Chinese Year of the Tiger was planned many weeks in advanced. So when the trekkers finally meet, there was lots of conversation on trekking; most notably, on the next challenges.

Main compound leading to Ti Chen Restaurant
Sunset and great golf course ... looking out the balcony of Ti Chen Restaurant
Here are the coming events that are in the pipeline:

Silk Road tour – Bernard Lee, Sharon Tan and Jayne Aw going for the 25-day tour (with Jayne joining for the first seven days of tour). Group size: 13.

Taiwan free-and-easy backpacking tour – Yours truly (KC) going for two weeks tour in April 2010. Group size: 8.

Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (23 October) -- Lead by TonyQ and yours truly. Training will start in March 2010. If you are interested, do contact TonyQ or me.

Gunung Tahan (21 March) -- Lead by Joseph Yong with WongFK and Sharon Tan.

Trekking to Mount Fuji, Japan -- Lead by Yee Choi; in planning stage.

Meliau Basin Trek by Yee Choi on 27 April.

Name of the posh restaurant at Saujana Resort Golf and Country Club
Getting ready for the dinner

Jayne, Rose and Alexis exchanging latest happenings

Henry preparing a mug of healthy soya drink ... it is certified excellent by Su.

The higher we loh, the higher we shall climb the next mountains (together with lots of prosperity) ... (L-R) Yee Choi, Rose, ChooTS, Jayne, WongFK, Alexis

Yours truly (KC) at left

Loh, loh, loh ... sang !!! (L-R): Su, SC Yong, Sharon Tan, KC, Bernard Lee, Henry

Presenting of door gift by the thoughful Joseph Yong ... Su and Sharon Tan.

Oh Yes, Fiona is back from Melbourn for one month of business-cum-holiday visit.

... and Leng (standing) drop by too after she had attended another dinner.

Yee Choi singing a few Japenese songs in the karaoke session while Tee (left), PK Chan and Jayne look on.
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