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Post-EBC Dinner - Part 2

Though the journey to Everest Base Camp (EBC) completed on 20 October 2009, the fellowship of the trekkers just begins after that. After the Round 1 Post-EBC Get-Together Dinner on 8 November, we have Round 2 Post-EBC gathering at Joseph Yong's house. Joseph Yong is unique, with his determination and staying focus, he trekked to EBC alone one week earlier. BRAVO !!

Click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

In the living hall of Joseph Yong's house ... Sharon Tan, Jayne, Huey Ling, Joseph and WongFK (partly hidden). Joseph's house is ready for the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year celebration. According to him, he just turns on the appropriate lighting for the festive season -- and that is done!
Even the golf bags are ready for the next round of games

This is one of Joseph's strong points: he can cook very well !! As to the wine bottles on top, the content has been well consumed.

Can you recognized this guy? Yeah! He is Edmund Hillary -- the first human to stand on top of the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest. After coming back from Everest Base Camp on 20 October 2009, the word Everest has special meaning to us now. After all, we went to the same base camp where all mountainers prepare for the ascent to Mount Everest. We were watching the DVD "Celebration of 50 Years Golden Jubilee. EVEREST. 50 Years on the Mountain". The DVD was bought by Joseph at Kathmandu, and the quality of the DVD was superb.

The Fair Lady Trekkers -- Huey Ling, Fiona, Sharon and Jayne

Fiona is detailing the account of her expedition to Laos (after the EBC trekking) ... "while sitting on a raft drifting down the river, there is this huge snake of almost 20 feet long trying to climb on to the raft. So we screamed and screamed ... and the guide beat the hell out of the snake... "

Hmmm... sumptuous dinner.. All dishes are cooked/prepared by Joseph.

Cheers! Cheers! (L-R) Joseph, PK Chan, Fiona, Jayne, Sharon, WongFK, SC Yong. Back: Huey Ling and yours truly (KC). If I stand on the left of Huey Ling, I could just camouflage with the background colour.

Looking Gorgeous ... Wah! Even washing plates also attract the cameraman ...

So is wiping table by Sharon Tan after the meal.

While the guys are busy analyzing the huge EBC poster (and taking photos also) ... :-) This posting is just done up. It involves scanning the EBC map, then super-impose the photos on the map.

Finally, this gathering is also celebrating Joseph's birthday. Happy Birthday to you ... to you! As to your wish? I think it is something like: trek to Island Peak (6,200m) or Mera Peak (6,500m) in Nepal for the next challenge (require technical climb) !!
Please click here to view Part 1 of Post-EBC gathering and dinner.
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