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Sky Trex Challenge

I arrived at Taman Pertanian of Shah Alam at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. Immediately, I saw Miss Leng who was wearing a black T-shirt and mid-length black pants busy gathering a group of youngsters. She is confirming the number of participants who are going for the Big Thrill challenge at SkyTrex Adventure.
Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Sharon Tan, Pei Ling and Simon Tan.

L-R (Back): Alex Chan, Simon Tan, Joseph Yong, SC Yong, Pei Ling, Sharon Tan, TehKS, KCFront: Alex's daughter, Leng, Janet and Alex's daughter.

With a closer look, about 25 of them are in theirs 20s. I was amused: at 8:15 a.m. later, another group of serious trekkers would assemble there doing the Extreme Challenge. From the description, no words are needed to describe the level of difficulty between these two adventures.

Sharon going up the trial platform which is not too high above the ground

The best part is that those that are doing the extreme category are much older than those who are doing the Big Thrill. The next best thing is that, after certain assessment on paper by yours truly (KC) that all serious trekkers and runners should be able to overcome extreme challenges, this is the first time we are playing this outdoor challenge – and we take the Extreme Challenge category!!

Pulley and carabiner (a metal loop with a screwed gate)

Joseph Yong, after reading the suggestion, quipped that “I like your ‘gung-ho in-depth insight dissection’ of the SkyTrek Program. I was just thinking of the Big Thrill...but now may have to settle for your eXtreme KiLL after renewing my Personal Accident insurance.”

Yours truly going up the vertical ladder to gain height for the Flying Fox game

The team members in this Extreme Challenge are: SC Yong, Sharon Tan, Pei Ling, Joseph Yong and yours truly KC where all are EBC (Everest Base Camp 5,500m, Nepal) certified trekkers click here; Simon Tan and son, Alex Chan and wife, and their teenage twin daughters.
This is Joseph Yong on his skytrekking (from tree to tree)

The group boarded the free Skytrex Shuttle bus and it took us from the entrance to the Skytrex Adventure site nested in a rain forest. The first station is to buy the special leather glove (RM 3 per pair), and next, we were given a climbing harness each. The safety harness is very steady that can take very heavy load. They are many assistants who are there readily assisting us in putting on the harness. Proper tightness is important; if it is too tight, the genital part (for guy) is always under compressing pressure that restricts easy movement and may walk like a duck.
TehKS taking the Flying Fox challenge

Next, the group followed a lady instructor to a trial site to brief us on the activities and to familiarize ourselves with the safety measures and varying aerial trails. The safety measures are quite easy to follow mostly in fastening the pulley and the carabiner (a metal loop with a screwed gate).

Joseph Yong asked what if one needed to pee when standing high up in the air during the adventure game. Another EBC trekker responded that we have 12 days’ EBC experience of peeing in high altitude recently, that should not be any problem. click here on EBC
Yours truly at the Tarzan Jump (the platforms are very far apart that requires the help of a rope to swing to the next platform)

The most likeable adventure has to be the Flying Fox experience where one just zooms past from one station to another. Nevertheless, the initial attempt of inching the butt out of the platform – about 30 meters – hanging high above the ground by the harness is quite a challenge to conquer the fear of height.
Sharon in action

There are many challenges in SkyTrex Adventure that test one’s agility, fear of overcoming height, good balancing ability and strong fitness level. That includes walking and balancing on cable; walking on round objects; etc. However, if one needs to withdraw from the activity, there is one exit with netting that labeled Ayam Exit (Chicken Exit). I think the operator could mean Chicken Out Exit.
Hands-free stunt by Joseph Yong

Leng and Simon Tan

Safely get back to the ground ... KC, Sharon, SC Yong, Tan, Joseph Yong

The adventure indeed is challenging and fun to do. The whole skytrekking adventure took the team about 2 hours 15 minutes to complete. It was indeed a refreshing change from the usual mountain trekking (minus the leeches). The group later went to Klang for the famous Bak Kut Teh for lunch.

Our thanks to Leng for organizing and coordinating the various activities. You did an excellent job. Special thanks too to Sharon Tan who suggested and later lead us to the famous Klang Bak Kut Teh for lunch. BRAVO !!

Miss Leng can be contacted at hwleng of

At the famous Bak Ku Teh restaurant in Klang... Sharon and Joseph.
We agreed to come back for Round 2 of challenge early next year; tentatively, schedule on Saturday 30 January 2010. Do join us for this fun adventure. This time, we shall go for Big Thrill Challenge.

Click here for Sky Trek Adventure website.

Written by KC

7 November 2009

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