Saturday, November 10, 2012

FRIM Trekking

With the constant rain these days, it is a 50-50 chance that any outdoor activity would end-up in rain. However, with the marathon rain the evening before (Friday), there was a good chance that the weather would be fine on the day of trekking – Saturday morning, 10 November 2012 at FRIM.
Bingo! It was a fine weather in the morning. The air was fresh and cool. The best thing was that the track was not muddy at all at the Taman Botani side of FRIM.
The group (chi gong members and my office colleagues) took 2 hr 45 min to walk a total distance of 7.5km with a slow and steady pace. I would have run a slightly longer distance in surging forward and then running backtrack to move as one team.
Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).
 At Taman Botani Garden of FRIM ...
(Back, left): Annie, Brenda Lee, Cindy Lim, LimBB, Slyvia, Caryn Keong, Cheryl Tham;
(Front): KC Leong, See Toh, Yee, Patrick, TanCH
The next best thing was that there was no leech at all. When the trekking trip ended, we saw the rain clouds were accumulating on the horizon, indicating another round of heavy rain in the afternoon.
The previous time when I led the group of chi gong members to trek at FRIM, it was raining that morning. It was such a coincident that I led them to Dream Trail. To our horror, that trail was full of leeches when the ground was wet ... click here.

 At Taman Botani Lakeside

A few days before this trekking event, in the group exchange of emails, Brenda asked: "With a few day of rain, besides the cool and fresh air, I have a little bit of worry ... you know la ..."
So I responded, "No need to worry ... the trekking trail is on a high ground; as such, it will not flood wan." The main concern during rainy season.
Then Cindy beh-ta-han liau (impatient), she replied: "aiyo, KC, not flood la ... leeches!"
Well, this is exactly how guys would misunderstand gals' hidden messages ... :-)

 Before going up Steroid Hill

 At Steroid Hill

 Descending Salem High Country Hill

 Half way of Salem High Country Hill

Flower and lady - Cindy and Brenda

Trail map charted by Garmin GPS-enabled watch
Do click here to view previous posting at FRIM.
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