Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zhineng Qigong Group Practice

Zhineng Qigong group practice at USJ 1 (Subang Jaya) lead by Lu Lin Kun laoshi from China on Sunday morning, 11 November 2012.
In this group practice, members from all centres are encouraged to practise together. Led by Lu Lin Kun laoshi, the first hour was to practise Module 1; second hour was a talk on Zhineng qigong facilitated by Lu Lin Kun laoshi, translated into English by Alan laoshi.
The group have a light refreshment break before ending the session.
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 A talk on Zhineng Qigong facilitated by qigong laoshi from China, Lu Lin Kun laoshi

 Translation into English by Alan laoshi

 Lu Lin Kun laoshi

 Light refreshment after the group practice session

 Patiently and orderly waiting for one’s turn

Soo laoshi (from USJ Centre), Alan laoshi (from USJ Centre), Liow Kim Heng laoshi (Association President of Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong M’sia), Lu Lin Kun laoshi (from China).
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