Thursday, December 27, 2012

Puchong Hill Trekking

Trekking at Puchong Hill (or Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve) with Zhineng Qigong members and friends on Sunday, 23 Dec 2012.
A distance of 5.5km that took 2 hours for a slow and steady trekking.
As usual, I would do my trail running here, surging forward and running backtrack; after the daily rain, the trail is quite wet and muddy. Compare to the Bukit Kiara which I went the day before, it was drier there.
I met a few trail runners who could recognize me, one of them is from LYN Runners.
After trekking, the group adjourned to Puchong town for brunch, a Chinese coffeeshop recommended by KL Tan; lots of good food there.
Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).
 A group photo at the limestone area
The regulars are KL Tan, See Toh, Gan, Brenda Lee, Cindy Lim, Grace Lim, Linda.

 Another group photo at the elevated area

 Going up the hill … Linda

 See Toh (in the middle)

 Brenda and Linda … Look! There are small fishes in the stream!

 Crystal clear water … notice Cindy's hands are in the water 

 Another group photo at the peak area

Creative solution in overcoming problem to sustain the journey - one of the members, whose shoes are breaking apart.

This hill is good for practising trail running … (kC)
 Trail map charted by my Garmin FR610 GPS-enabled watch.
A distance of 5.5km that took 2 hours for a slow and steady trekking.

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