Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post-Climbathon Dinner & Karaoke

An evening of good camaraderie, splendid food and the fun of singing karaoke to celebrate the post-Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (that was held on 23 Oct 2011) together. The gathering was staged at Imperial Gardens at Petaling Jaya on Saturday, 26 November 2011.

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 A warm welcome extending to the arrival of Patricia Yap

 Yeah, agree ... Patricia Yap, Sharon Tan, Lai Kuan, Carol, Fiona Goh, Lady Su, Monsy. The banner is a finisher souvenir from Sabah Adventure Trail Running Challenge; that event was called ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ (TMBT) – what a name ... :-)

 Dinner is served ... the first dish

 Cheers to all the outdoor activities together; cheers to good health; cheers to friendship

 Anti-climax -- the karaoke system is out-of-order that is hurriedly being repaired by the restaurant staff

 Trade Secret - satisfactorily look from Patricia Yap after successfully mixed the potent cocktail of 'orange juice'

 Testing time with the power (or powerful) drinks. The problem is that the karaoke system is not working and there is no means of 'letting go' after drinking the power drinks ... :-)

  In the pink of health -- Back (Left): ChooTS, Edwin Goh, AB Tan, Ken, Dr Shara, ChongYF, CK Mak, SC Yong, Tee EK, KC Leong ...Front: Lady Su, Sharon Tan, Lai Kuan, Patricia Yap, Monsy, Carol, Fiona Goh

Creative -- Each finger of Patricia Yap is labelled as C-L-I-M-B   A-T-H-O-N
Look at Lady Su's huge bling bling -- Patriacia testing out the force of attraction

 Our resourceful MacGyver, Chong YF, finally get the karaoke system working at 10:30 p.m... Hip, Hip ... Hooray!!

 Full of expression ... Patricia Yap and CK Mak

 Yours truly (KC), CK Mak, Lai Kuan and Edwin Goh

It's My Life (Bon Jovi) ... the moment the karaoke system is fired-up, the fun and the excitment of singing is back in the air ... this is the final number before we exit at 12 mid-night. (Left) Monsy, TeeEK, Dr Shara, ChooTS, Edwin Goh, Lai Kuan, Patricia Yap, ChongYF, Lady Su.

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