Sunday, December 04, 2011

At FRIM Kepong

The ground at the tracks inside FRIM was soft after a marathon rain the evening before. Besides, the air was cool and fresh, a perfect morning for trekking or trail running to be staged there. It was a small group of trekkers/trail runners participating in this FRIM outdoor trip on Saturday, 3 December 2011 intended for the 1-Lang team formation.

Even ChooTS, who went for the Subang Jaya 10km run on Sunday, 4 Dec morning, commented that it was ‘very quiet’; he did not see the regular running enthusiasts around. I could understand the situation as many would be away as it is year-end holidays; besides, both the Singapore International Marathon and Angkor Wat Marathon are being held the same weekend.

 (Right) KC Leong, Wendy Liu, Li-Ann; (Left) Miss Lee (L2) and parents, SC Yong, Ms Tan. The 1-Lang members are Wendy, Li-Ann and SC Yong.

 Since all can run, we have trail running instead ... Wendy Liu and Le-Ann

 Beyong Mountain Bike area

 SC Yong and I were chatting that it is also fun to buy a mountain bike and cycle around here. He was told that a good one would cost RM 20,000 ... not long after that, we saw a group of mountain bikers and this nice looking bike caught our attention. Brand: Chaoyang from China; price: RM 1,800

Looks good and serve the purpose for new enthusiast into BMX challenge

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