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Zhineng Qigong

My arms were slowly drifting upward as if they were free flowing in a weightless state. I was trilled. But I have to contain my excitement for not wanting to lose that never-before experience. I was sure I did not lift my arms ...

2nd Zhineng Science Workshop 6-7 October 2012 ... This is a 2-day qigong (or chi gong) workshop organized by Zhonghua Zhineng Science Centre of Taman Mayang Jaya, Selangor. The workshop is conducted by Kong Xu laoshi from China. His achievement in qigong consists of a host of accolades and accreditation; among others, he is the Head of Hexie Education Research Institute China.

Vertical presentation - testing the layering of group photos

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 Workshop facilitator  - Kong Xu laoshi from China

The workshop (Saturday and Sunay) was held at HELP College of Art & Technology, Jalan Metro Pudu, F&N Business Park, Kuala Lumpur.
Zhineng Qigong is a technique to enable a practitioner in harnessing the power of external qi. Other than aiding in healing of sickness, the qi also improves the general well-beings, fitness level and productivity of a practitioner.

Laoshi = master or sifu or teacher.

 Good turnouts - this is only half of the 260 participants

The 2-day programme consisted of the following main activities:
a. Douling (gentle swinging/oscillating of the hips in facilitating the flow of chi)

b. Moluo (regulating of chi at the membrane network that is beneath the skin and the muscle)

c. Zhituizuo (Straight Leg Sitting method is specially designed to enable relaxation of the waist)

d. Peng qi (the normal peng qi practice on outer hunyuan to emit the inner qi and absorb the outer qi)

e. self-practice and self-realization under the guidance of the workshop facilitator.

 From Zhineng Qigong Main Association (M'sia) ... yours truly (KC) is at the middle, front.

Appropriately described - the word Chi is emphasized on the back of these participants' T-shirts 

My realisation - it was the first time I experienced chi  in me. On Day-2 when practising Douling/Moluo under the guidance of Kung Xu laoshi, we started the gentle swinging/oscillation of the hip. After a while, I could feel my both arms were been lifted by the chi. I was sure that I did not lift them up myself. From the vertical resting position, they slowly floated about 45 degrees up. I tried to stop the arms reaching the horizontal position as that would encroach into both my left and right practitioners’ territories.
Then I tried to exerted a little effort to press them down much like a rocket drifting in outer space that need a little booster to change course. To my surprise, there was slight chi resistance acting like a sponge.
After that incident, I understand what the laoshi is saying that there must have the feeling of chi in us. It is interesting to note that how chi field is generated based on thoughts and mindfulness.

 Practicing of Zhituizuo (Straight Leg Sitting method)

As for the refreshment breaks, we have 2 meals for lunch, 1 meal for dinner, and 2 tea-breaks.
Instead of sitting on a participant's own yoga mat and sitting on the floor, the organizer managed to secured another much bigger hall in HELP where each participant has two chairs: the other one for resting the legs for the practice of Zhituizuo. With the soothing environment and comfortable posture, not surprise that some of the participants briefly crossed-over to a different dimension at times while practising the Zhituizuo – dozing off.

 Practice and self-realization session in progress

 A few of the qigong members from Subang Jaya; Alan laoshi is 3rd from left, front.
  Quiz session and one of the winners

 Hee Yan Choo laoshi (left) and Cheong Siew Fong laoshi distributing nicely pre-packed vegetarian meals

 LimBeBe, Brenda Lee and Cindy Lim (of Subang Jaya Centre)

 With Edwin Khor laoshi (right) who is translating Kung Xu laoshi's instructions in Mandarin to English for the benefits of more practitioners during the workshop

HELP College of Art & Technology, Jalan Metro Pudu, F&N Business Park, Kuala Lumpur.

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Written by KC Leong

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