Sunday, October 14, 2012

Learn Qigong

Month of October is special to me. In October 2011 last year, I joined Zhineng Qigong class and in October this year, for the first time, I feel the qi (or chi).
What motivated me in joining chi gong class? It is a funny story.
I went for holidays in Zhangjiajie, China from 15-25 September 2011. This is where the famed Avatar movie got the idea of the floating mountains. In any tours to China, the tour guides always take tourists to visit medical, jade, silk, knife outlets on the pretext that it is a requirement by China government.
In one of the medical outlets, together with the group, I was seated at the front row in a presentation/demo room. When come to individual consultation, a medical officer looked at the blemish/pigmentation on my hands and said that my digestive system is not working at optimal level; he suggested that I should take their 6 months’ medical supplement for 6,000 yuen (about RM3,000). At the same time, they would use chi gong to regulate my body system.

Immediately, he asked me to open the palm of my left hand. Wearing a coat with long sleeves at the most appropriate length, he closed his right hand and pointed at my hand (no contact; one inch from my hand). With a loud exclaim "HAAAAAAAK", I could feel the static charge passing through my hand! Wah, the chi gong is very keng chow (amazing). He pointed at three locations and I received three bolts of static charges. Back in my mind, I want to learn this type of power when I came back to Subang Jaya.
I did not succumb to their proposal. While waiting for the rest (still seated in the same room; the earlier medical officer went out), another medical officer came in. Looking at the blemish/pigmentation on my hands, he said my kidney is not working well (different organ this time) ... ha ha. He asked me to open my palm ... the same process was repeated and I received another three rounds of static charges, and the same sales persuasion. With that, it reaffirmed that I must learn chi gong.
Back in Subang Jaya ... after telling a few laoshi of my encounters, I enthusiastically enrolled for a new class where I was the only student under the guidance of Chen laoshi. After learning chi gong since October 2011, looks like I am still puzzling that one can transmit shocking static charge to another person, let alone charging (or shocking) my own self with the chi when practicing.
On 7 October 2012, exactly after one year of learning chi gong, I finally feel the chi in a 2-day chi gong workshop. My arms were drifting upward effortlessly to almost horizontal level (from vertical resting position beside my thighs). I was sure I did not lift my arms.

As for the blemish/pigmentation, while consulting a doctor for my flu many months ago, I took the opportunity to ask what causes the blemish/pigmentation; he said it is caused by over sensitive skin reacting to sunlight.

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Written by KC Leong

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FML said...

i had treatment by chi gong before for lower back, and while i don't get electric shock you mentioned, i did get feeling of warm and force that's pulling me near to the palm of chi gong sifu

something that can't be explain by science!

digestive system, kidney, sensitive skin, so you never know the true cause of your blemish/pigmentation?

may i know if did your health improve after practicing chi gong? thks!