Monday, October 22, 2012

Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci, the highest volcano in Indonesia and highest peak in Sumatra, is located in the province of Jambi, the west central part of the Island and is about 220 km south of Padang city.
With the peak standing at 3,805m, Mount Kerinci is a charming, beautiful and friendly active volcano -- though active but still safe to ascend pleasantly. At the summit there is a deep 600m wide crater, partially filled with green-yellow sulphurous water.
Mount Kerinci can be climbed from Kersik Tuo village, 6 to 7 hours from Padang City. The climb can be done within 2 days and 1 night. Its terrain consists of thick mossy forest, it can get muddy and slippery in the rain even in dry months.
Do click here to view photos courtesy of Joseph Yong a.k.a. White Dragon. When in photo album, click Slideshow, hit F11 key for bigger displays.
The unique landmark at the junction of the road leading to the farms and also the starting point of the trek (about 5km )... Mount Kerinci at the background on a hazy day.

Plenty of attention grabbing mossy vines; getting through them to the undergrowth will be quite a challenge.

 Note the depth of many of the gully and then climbing to the top again

 Gliding through the narrow gully is a piece of cake. If you pivot yourself and lift your leg forward systematically, your white pants (or black ) is definitely intact; unless you slip on the gully.
The signature trekking attire of Joseph Yong - wearing the white pants. He trekked at Gunung Irau, the mossy and muddy trails of Cameron Highlands, and still emerged with the sparkling clean white pants. This is sifu skill ... :-)

 Top of the World feeling - standing on the highest point of Mount Kerinci and the most sought-after prime property site ... Wong Fook Kan and me, WhiteDragon with our two mountain guide-cum-porter.
 Looking down from the summit -- the 600m deep wide crater showing an active pool of greenish-yellow water and spewing huge volume of sulphurous clouds. Kerinci is more active than most Indonesian volcanoes, with nearly yearly eruptions, where the magma heating underground water resulting in huge explosion or eruption of lava, gasses, etc .. but luckily not today.

 Even this Fire (or Water ?!) Dragon is sitting down and hesitant about going nearer to the edge of the crater... note the crack line on the ground ... right to my feet.
Our part of the highest peak of the crater runs till this spot to the west and the rim slopes down (impossible to walk there). This spot gives me the gossy-gossy
bumps!! And that is sulphurous clouds clinging to the wall of the crater.

Photos and description from Joseph Yong
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