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Vietnam Mountain Marathon Post-Event

This photo album contain photos of visiting tribes and villages, attending VMM closing ceremony; transfer to Halong Bay and put up a night in the cruise ship; back to Hanoi. 

And that concluded the memorable VMM run and the holidays.

Do CLICK HERE to view 115 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 (the day after running in VMM) … Scenic villages at the outskirts of Sapa town; visiting tribes and village

 Having Vietnamese tea in a teahouse with the mountains and low clouds as background.
(left) PK Chan, Cheryl Tham, Wilson Liew, KC Leong, ChongYF, Billy Goh.

Attending VMM Closing Ceremony on Sunday, 21 Sep 2014, 2:00 p.m. The event was supposed to be held at the Sapa Main Square; due to the continuous drizzle the whole morning, the venue is changed in-door. Cheerful ladies in blue … (left) Karen Wu, Cheryl Tham, Xin Shuang Wei.

 Performance preceding the award ceremony

 The event is attended by the VIPs from Embassy of Denmark

 Top runners of the various categories

 Recognition of outstanding contribution in making VMM a success 

 Back at the busy cross-road of Hanoi. It is amusing to watch that despite the not so strictly observed traffic rule, vehicles cross the junction without any mishap. Over here, they are not practising “the right of way”; instead, they avoid one another where the bigger vehicles have to ensure they do not knock down the smaller ones. Someone quipped that it is OK that we just close our eyes and cross the road by walking at a steady pace … is there anyone wants to try?  :-)

 Comfortable bed of the cruise ship … at Halong Bay
Quite interestingly, I was having the most comfortable sleep here.

 The group enjoying the food in the cruise ship

 On the deck of the cruise ship before going for kayaking activity

 Enchanting and romantic evening … with other cruise ships anchoring within sight

 Tastefully decorated seafood dinner 

 A new day has dawn … with a slight pinkish tint in the morning sky

 Climbing up one of the hills/caves in Halong Bay

 Visiting a cave up in the hill of Halong Bay

A group photo with Halong Bay in the background

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