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Trekking with Zhineng Qigong Members

After postponing the trekking for two weeks, the Zhineng Qigong M'sia (or chi gong) members finally made it to Bukit Kiara on Saturday, 26 May 2012, together with two of my office colleagues.

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(left) CH Tan, Lim BB, Cindy Lim, Grace Lim, friend of GanCH, GanCH, Michael Karn, Jezamine, Phoebe, Brenda, Tioh and yours truly (KC Leong)

For the preceding two mornings that rained at 4am, it reaffirmed that the sky would be a good weather on the day of trekking. Since it is the dry season these days, it is unlikely that it would continue to rain for three consecutive mornings – my prediction was true indeed.

With the trail running practice for the past few sessions, this time I am leading the team going through the many splits trails in Kiara Hills. We started the trekking at 8:00 a.m. and took about three hours to return to car park.

Many people are seen doing morning exercises at this tranquil park of Bukit Kiara

We entered the trail via Flying Carpet Trail and connect to 4K Trail and arrive at the cross-road area. As usual, I would surge forward and run backward doing my own trail running, always maintain visible contact with the group since there are many split trails in the hills.

At one split junction where I would have led the team to turn left, I then saw someone approaching me. To my surprise, he was Paul Lee. After enquiring from him, the correct way was to take the right turn (and not the left turn) in order to arrive at the cross-road area. So help was sent to me at the crucial moment.

Walking steadily uphill

We then took the Twin Peak Trail and went to the View Point area, descending the hills via Snakes and Ladders Trail. We later returned via 4K and Flying Carpet Trails, the same ways we started the journey.

At the Flying Carpet Trail, we could see that the trail was very well-maintained and clean; possibly, after last week’s maintenance work carried out by Paul Lee and other volunteers. BRAVO!

Even the mountain bikes are taking a breather here at the cross-road area

Just about to arrive at the car park, we saw a photographer and his friend were looking at the pond attentively. We were told that there were many baby frogs in the pond.  It was indeed a rare sight to see so many frogs in there.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trekking trip at Kiara Hill, though it was not too difficult effort amid much shady ground. The Zhineng chi gong members enjoyed the outing, so are my office colleagues – Michael Karn and Gan CH.

 Do you like this trekking outing? Yeah, all raising hands in unison ... :-)

 Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower are visible from here ... Michael Karn

 A group photo at the View Point Area

 Same office colleagues of a local bank ... (left) LimBB, GanCH, Michael Karn, KC Leong
 Soon, when the gate is closed, there won't be any photos taken at this site

 Model posing with the age-old rubber trees with the unique colour of latex

 Walking along the many shaddy trails in Bukit Kiara hills
 Clean and neat trail at Flying Carpet Trail ... that must be the good work of Paul Lee and volunteers in their maintenance work. Front: Phoebe.
ah... there are many baby frogs in the pond, next to the car park

++++++++++ Note:

Persatuan Zhineng Qigong Malaysia - New Class Intake starting 6 June 2012. For more info, contact following laoshi (teacher or master):

CH Tan: 016-691 6525; Alex Lim: 012-287 3628; HJ Tan: 012-220 8699

Do click here for the official website of Zhineng Qigong (M'sia).

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