Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Apek Hill Trail Running

Trail running at Apek Hill on May 1, 2012 (a public holiday).

I always like to do trail running at Apek Hill of Cheras (a.k.a. Apeh Hill - white in Hockien). It has all the elements for a serious work-out: the steep uphills follow by gentle gradient for short burst of tough walking or uphill running; and finally, the terrain that tapered at the plateau. At the plateau, it was such a good feeling running on soft earth and under shade from Station 5 to Station 6 and then end at Saga Station, a distance that requires about 20 minutes of continuous running.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). Hit F11 key for larger displays.
(left) Chong YF, Edwin Goh, Lai FS, Ya Hooy, Ken Huei, KC Leong

We were surprise to see Station 3A being done up nicely where a senior lady was sweeping the ground to keep the place clean and tidy. Station 3A is actually Station 4.

At the Saga Station, there is a nature’s gym – membership is free. All can participate. There are also a few hammocks
that one can lie down there relaxing and taking respite from the hot afternoon.

Station 5 is the Tea Station. If you like, you can join the regulars there to enjoy some hot tea; I presume membership is also free.

At Station 6 – Lai Kuan (middle) catch up with us

Notice: 1 May 2012 ... No Tea Today (that reminds me of a song ... no milk today.... )

At Saga Station ... meet up with KH Khoo, Susie Lim and friend

Nice and smiling pose ...

 Strong and flexible bones ... Chong YF and Lai Kuan; while Edwin Goh and LaiFS look on

Busy pumping concrete (iron) in this nature’s gym where membership is free ... :-) Pump all you can!

1-2-3 Jump! eeeee, one of the guys is not jumping? ... :-)

Reward ourselves savouring those refreshing coconut juice with pandan flavour. Each coconut is RM 3.

The risk of trail running - LaiFS tripped and fell (between Station 6 and Saga Station) ... looks quite bad.

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