Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gasing Hill Trekking with Qigong Members

After having been blocked by the authority at Puchong Hills for trekking, the chi gong group was disappointed. Yes, the trekkers are not allowed entry into Puchong Hills (a.k.a. Air Hitem Forest Reserve).

Since it was such a good and sunny Saturday morning on 28 April 2012, and after having been charged up wanting to sweat it out, it was really unthinkable just to go home and not doing something.

So after the false start, the group decided to go to another hill for trekking. The nearest hill to Puchong would be Gasing Hill. Charting out the route to go there required a bit to thinking as we would not want to be caught in traffic road blocks.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) ... hit F11 key for bigger displays.

Back (left): Jezamine Lo, Captain Tan, KL Tan, Brenda Lee, Grace, Cindy Lim, Tioh, Ms Tan
Front: KC Leong, Phoebe Tee, Pauline, Josephine, LimBB

With the help of KL Tan, who is well-versed with the areas, we managed to arrive at New Pantai Express Way and connect to Jalan Gasing where Gasing Hill is located.

We started trekking at 9:30 a.m. By then, there were only a few other trekkers in the hills. Just like other hills, it is shady here and we were in the shades most of the time, even though it was already noon time.

At the starting point ...

 Slowly but surely progressing into the hills

 Graceful action pose ... Jezamine leading the pack for some trail running

Cindy, LimBB and Grace

At Suspension Bridge ... (nearest) Brenda, Tioh, Pauline

The group adjourned to the famous Beansprout Chicken rice along Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

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