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Bukit Kiara Trail Running Amid High Fencing

Another trail running session at Bukit Kiara (or Kiara Hill) of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 21 April 2012 ...

My mission is to understand the many split trails better so that come next Saturday, I am going to lead the Qigong (chi gong) members for trekking there. For obvious reason, I do not want to lead them to any wrong direction that could cause much anxiety ... :-)

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). Hit F11 key to view in bigger displays.

Yow Yeng pose ... Back (left) KC Leong ... Vik, David, Charles, Raymond Tan
Front: Chong YF, Rupert Chen, Jane Tan, Celina, Jamie Tham, Lai Yan.

A friend said that at once glance at the blue signs behind, we look like standing besides BN's symbol for election.
Yeah, it is almost election time; everyone is busy – running around, including construction work (to put up the high fencing) in meeting targets dates.

While running in the hills, we are surprise to see high fencing being erected surrounding the areas. Why would the authority want to fence up the parks that is for recreational purpose? The height of the metal fencing is almost 12 to 15 feet high, much like keeping criminals away.

Bukit Kiara is popular with trail runners and mountain bikers; these are responsible, nature and peace loving people. Seeing the high fencing would reminded us of the hostile environment that make us feel terrible amid such a serene environment surround by greenery.

Special thanks to Chong YF and Raymond Tan who help to lead the way navigating the many split trails in these hills.

 Another group photo near Pondok, at the cross-road area

 Running in single file meandering along the many trails

 Jamie – a fit and quite fast trail runner

Advancing to the View Point ... work in progress to erect the high fencing.
This area is bulldozed and the ground is muddy, spoiling the original landscape.

 At the View Point area

 Look at the high fencing ... easily 12 to 15 feet high

The metal fencing could be as high as Berlin’s Wall ...
Frankly, I have not seen such a high fencing so far; the irony is that they are being erected in recreational areas.
Does it warrant such a high fencing, for what purpose?

 Why? Why? want to fence up the area? while passing by a construction site

Scary Sh*t ... Nice and cute pose in supporting the poster behind, applicable only for mountain bikers (trail runners no need to be scared) ... :-)

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