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Puchong Hill Trekking with Qigong Members

The Qigong (chi gong) members went for another round of trekking at Puchong Hill on Saturday morning, 14 April 2012.

Led by yours truly, this time, we trekked in clockwise direction as the previous time (on 31 March 2012), we were trekking in opposite direction.

Though this is a fairly easy hill to tackle, it is indeed a good start for the qigong members in taking up trekking.

As usually, I would do my trail running by going forward and then backtracking so that I am with the group all the time. For the group that has trekked for two hours, I would have done trail running for almost the same time.

After the trekking, we adjourned to the famous Yong Tau Foo eatery stop in Puchong. I must attest that the food there is delicious and good. The shop is located between SJK (C) Han Ming, Puchong school and Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Batu 14 school.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).
 Before the start of serious trekking ... (left) KC Leong, KL Tan, Ms Tan, Cindy, Brenda, LimBB, CH Tan

 Somewhere in the hill ...

 Yours truly (KC) pratising trail running alone at Puchong Hill

 At the famous Yong Tow Foo eatery shop: Hmmm ... yummy, yummy ... LimBB, Cindy and Brenda
 Looks and taste really good

31 March 2012, Saturday, which was a rainy morning.

Despite the heavy rain the morning before, it rained again.

As you can see, the qigong members are determined once they have set their mind for trekking. Even the rain did not dampen their intention to trek.

Obviously, they were donning raincoats and carrying umbrellas, save for yours truly (KC) who is pro already since my record was four hours of trail running in the rain before (at Gunung Nuang) ... :-)

We started the trekking at 8:00 a.m. and successfully completed the whole loop in two hours.

Grace, who is her maiden trekking attempt, tripped a few times on the slippery ground.

 At the trail head ... (left) CH Tan, KL Tan and wife, Grace, Tan, Kwa NE, Lim Be Be, Cindy Lim, KC Leong

At the highest point of Puchong Hill

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