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Bukit Kiara Trail Running

 At trail head of Kiara Hill ... (left) Paul Lee, Keanhui, Kilian2, Charles Frew, George, Phoebe, Ian Loo, Jessen Lee, Sue Teoh, KC Leong

Led by Jessen Lee, we ran and ran in single file meandering along the many trails of Bukit Kiara (aka Kiara Hill) in the cool morning on Saturday, 5 May 2012. With the presence of Charles Frew, Kilian2, Sue Teoh – these are strong trail runners – Jessen has to step up the throttle in order to be able to lead the group at a suitable pace.

The other chasing group was yours truly (KC), George, Ian Loo, and KenHui. Paul Lee, who is very familiar with the split trails of Bukit Kiara, assumed the role of a sweeper.

Raining in the early hours and fine drizzle while the group was running, the weather was cool and the air was fresh – superb for trail running.

We were pleased to have Kilian2 joining the group as he resembles the famous Kilian Jornet – the King of Trail Running. The much younger Kilian2 ran like Kilian and did not require drinking water (as he did not carry any hydration backpack); I heard Charles mentioned something about running like camel ... :-)

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). In web photo album, click Slideshow, hit F11 key to adjust optimum size of display.

 Running on tar road at the beginning of run

We started the trail running via Over-Time Trail; true to its name, it was just like working overtime looping around knowing that we were still at very low altitude. Emerging at the tar road and passing by the guardhouse, we then entered the trail again via Flying Carpet which is just beside the Reservoir. From here, we connected to the main cross-road via 4K and Rubbish Trails. After taking group photos, we ran to 2K Trail. We then ascended the hill via Twin Peaks Trail and descent via Snakes and Ladders Trail.

 At the main cross-road area

The completion timing was perfect. At 10:00 a.m., that after more than 2 hours of running, Paul Lee has to attend a meeting with the manager of Landscape Department at a container office located between the guardhouse and the reservoir together with other representatives of concerned groups.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issue of high fencing that is being erected cutting across the hills to demarcate the borders between public and private own lands. With the demarcation, trail runners and mountain bikers would not be able to enjoy the outdoors freely as before as these fencing, as high as Berlin wall, would divide the trails. The other main concern of maintaining a green lung in this area would be affected due to commercial development in the private own lands.

 Kilian 2 in action followed by Charles Frew

 Run through the jungle ... Sue, Keanhui, George

 1-2-3 Jump ... ah... too tire to jump now ... :-)

 Colourful design ... notice the special sandals wears by Paul Lee; they survive the 2.5 hours of trail running. That reminds me of those olden days sword fighting movies where the hero only walk on shoes made of dried grass ... :-)

 Having good fun ... (left) Sue, Jessen Lee, KC Leong, Charles Frew, Phoebe, Paul Lee, Kilian2, KeanHui Ng, Ian Loo ... holding camera: George.

(left) Jessen Lee, Charles Frew, manager of Landscape Department, Scott Roberts, Paul Lee

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