Tuesday, January 16, 2018

North Thailand Sakura Tour (part 2)

Northern Thailand Sakura tour from 6 to 13 Jan 2018 ... Places of attraction in this photo album:
Visiting Su Tong Pae Bridge; Tham Lot Cave; 
Viewing sunrise at Yun Lai Viewpoint; Chinese Yunan village;
Check in at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang Resort; 
We experienced the cold morning at 7°C;
Walk around the park viewing Thai Sakura and Cherry blossom;
Transfer back to Chiangmai.

Do CLICK HERE to view 183 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Crossing the bamboo bridge (Su Tong Pae Bridge)
 Visiting Tham Lot Cave
 Breast shape stalactite
 Viewing sunrise at Yun Lai Viewpoint
 At Yun Lai Viewpoint
 Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang Resort
 Thai Sakura in full bloom
 Thai Sakura in full bloom
                                       Thai Sakura in full bloom

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