Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post-Mt KK Climbathon Dinner

The posh environment of Jaya Palace, Kuala Lumpur

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It was an evening of fun, laughter amid sumptuous dinner and good camaraderie with a group of mountain runners dining together at the posh Jaya Palace Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 27 November 2010.

Dinner-cum-karaoke room

This time, the karaoke session started much earlier; it even continued while we dined. With the new talent of Mak and Patricia taking the lead, the selection of songs consist of more Cantonese choices that was somewhat different from the previous gathering.

Continual singing while dining

This is the first time Mountain Sifu, Tony Q, joined us in this dinner and karaoke session. Yes, he can sing also. As usual, the Mt KK Climbathon Sifu, Yee Choi, demonstrated his ability to sing a few of his Japanese song flawlessly with immense expression.

Patricia, TonyQ, Peck Yah, Lai Kuan

That must be five hours of non-stop singing. At 11:00 p.m., a peep at the main hall, we were relief that there were diners still outside for the wedding dinner. Time just passed swiftly and before we could realise, it was already past mid-night.

Su -- enjoying in the karaoke session

We were glad that a slightly tanned Fiona Goh came to the gathering as she just came back from holidaying in Melbourne for weeks.

While we tried to clear the backlog of selections with the same formula – sing part of the songs, the karaoke system here is also high-tech. The Microsoft Window start-up screen suddenly appeared signalling system re-boot or shutdown, and that meant “... city road, take me home”.

Cheers! Edwin Goh, CheeHon and SieLF

Special thanks to Yee Choi for sponsoring one dozen of wine. At first, we were doubtful whether we could consume so much. With the motivation from singing, YES, we did finish them -- wine fuels passion for singing.
The EBC (Everest Base Camp) ladies -- Sharon Tan and Fiona

Special thanks to Sharon Tan for organizing the event; she went through moments of anguish having to deal with participants that inform her just hours before the event that they could not come. Since the restaurant charged a fixed amount per table, the cost was shared by those present with the unfinished food.

A main group photos
Back (L-R): Yours truly (KC), LimFW, Edwin Goh, WongKC, Chee Hon, ChooTS, SieLF, Yee Choi, TonyQ, Mak
Front: Fiona Goh, Sharon Tan, Lai Kuan, Peck Yah, Patricia Yap, Su, Carol.

Looking sophisticated with stylo hairstyle and make-up, Patricia Yap was spotted with a glittering belt. So we quipped that all we need is to plug one small diamond from the belt and that would be more than enough to finance the bill for the whole evening.

Not enough mike

Our Mak talented Karaoke King (as in the abbreviation: Mt KK Climbathon), is highly motivated to sing even with a wine bottle or a drumstick. Well, good to see that Mak is so expressive in his singing.

If you view the last photo (in the attached photo album), we could see that Mak, Yee Choi and ChooTS were dancing to the tune that look like those mountain-running inspired dance steps.

Cheer! Ho yeh ... you are can! BRAVO !
Written by KC

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