Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hill Running

On Saturday 6 November 2010, part of the group went to survey the Puchong Hill, a new venue for hill running as suggested by Edwin Goh. He is one of the participants in our group that made it to Low’s Peak within qualifying time in the recently concluded Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010.

Puchong Hill is an excellent ground to train for hill running with the rolling hills and uneven terrain. The trail is not that wide compared to Apek Hill in Cheras click here but it is manageable to run in quick pace going up and down the hills.

Nestled in the thick forest, the trail is shady even in the hot afternoon. It will be good as a secondary training ground other than Gunung Nuang at Ulu Langat. The preference of training here will depend very much on the close proximity of one’s home to this hill.
The group will go for the next hill training on Wendesday, 17 November 2010. Do contact me if you are interested to come along.

Back L-R: PK Chan, yours truly (KC), TeeEK, Edwin Goh, Mak, Carol
Front L-R: Wendy Liu, Su, Patricia Yap, Eileen, Sharon, Cecilia.
Do click here for an enlarged and sharper version of photos taken by your truly (KC) ... click Slideshow, hit F11 key.
.After the team has completed one round of trail familiarization, the group went back and I went in alone for another round. Hill running per round trip is about 45 minutes. So we have another good venue for hill running in preparing for next year’s Mount KK Climbathon.

Unlike other hills in Kuala Lumpur, this hill is very much protected by the authority. As such, we have to be caution not to wander to the restricted trail. Edwin Goh told us that one could receive summon for trespassing!!

Higher elevation with view of wider horizon. Most of the group members wear T-shirts in vibrant red, yellow or orange..
Interesting Moments/Observation:

1. Edwin Goh’s leg muscle – while waiting, we noticed that Edwin’s leg muscle is very much developed with years of hill running. Just above the knee area, the muscle is bulging up. A few of the girls even try to press it to have a feel.
Notice that all are posing with different action. Looks like it is a contest to see whose lou see chai (muscle) is bigger. KC’s is as though resting on Mak's shoulder. I will have to be careful on the extended territory next time. For a change, all the gals are standing whereas all the guys are squatting... :-)
(2) Wendy did not bring water for drinking; so Patricia suggested that she can try drinking from KC’s hydration backpack via the extended nozzle and tube – an action similar to a fighter jet refuelling in mid-air (when two persons are running and drinking at the same time). The group has a good laugh when I informed them that the Deuter hydration backpack system click here requires one to bite lightly on the value and suck at the same time.

Su bought a pouch bag from a hasher while trekking at Apek Hill in Cheras. Yes, it is a very practical design: a compartment with zip to secure money, car key, handphone, etc; another two compartments to keep two bottle of water for long-haul off-road running/trekking as one is not enough. Some more, when mounted at the back, it does look very yow yeng like the twin-exhaust system of expansive cars ... :-) Of course, it looks superb when wear by an attractive model … :-) Photo courtesy of Eileen taken from a camera phone.
Written by KC

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