Monday, September 13, 2010

Deuter Hydration Backpack

Finally, I decided to buy a hydration backpack (or camel/water bag) for off-road running and training. After comparing between High Sierra, Deuter, CamelBag and a few other brands, I decided to buy a Deuter brand as show below.

Measuring 15"x7.5", the lightweight backpack fits a 2-litre rubber water bladder nicely into it. With additional two horizontal stripes, one at the chest level and another one at the stomach, the backpack hugs nicely without bouncing up and down when running.

Deuter hydration backpack and water bladder

As described in the brochure, the water bladder can even store hot or cold drinks. The backpack has an aluminium foil inside to keep the drinks hot; the foil also insulatea the heat from dissipating to the back of a runner.
With this bag, I do not have to worry much about lack of water at the water-stations or no water-stations at all.

I shall be using this new hydration backpack for the climathon training this Saturday 18 Sept at Gunung Nuang.

This hydration backpack is as expansive as the New Balance 875 off-road running shoes above. These are the two new purchases in gearing up for the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon this 23 October 2010.

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hydration pack bladder said...

Looks like great gear. Having the right things with you can surly help. Makes you feel ready and safe. I love to try out new things and increase my efforts. This is true about terrain as well as to gear. Pushing yourself further and further, getting better and better. Life at it's best.