Monday, September 27, 2010

Fuji Dinner and Karaoke

I am please to informed that the much awaited post-Mount Fuji dinner shall be held on this Saturday 2 October. After months of planning in ensuruing that the full team can meet again, the actual day is now drawing near.
Not only that we have the participation of the full team, we also have four invited guest trekkers to join us in this dinner and karaoke session. They are Fiona (EBC), Leng, Rose and Angeline. We shall all sit together in a mega table that can accomodate 16 persons. Thanks to Jayne Aw for making the reservation. Here is the menu for the evening.

1. Crispy Dragon Beard Roll & Crispy Prawn with Wasabe Sauce
2. Double-boiled Coral Fish's Fin Soup with Chicken
3. White Tuna Fish Fillet with Pomalo Sauce
4. Roasted Suckling Lamb Hong Kong Style
5. Braised Seasonal Vegetables
6. Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste
7. Aloe vera sea coconut
8. Thousand Layered Sponge Custard

Note: The poultry-based ingredents have been changed for a more pleasant reading ... :-)

In this gathering, I am sure the group would discuss and plan for the next Mount Fuji Japan trekking trip again in view of the aborted mission due to bad weather. Click here for all posting on Mt Fuji Trekking (July 2010).

A few days ago (23 - 26 September 2010), Air Asia just launched the maiden Moshi Moshi trip to Tokyo with an amazingly low fare of RM 99 one way. Well, they really live up to their name that now everyone can fly. I am sure more people will go to Japan to see the sakura in full bloom (in April), climbing up Mount Fuji (in July/August) or running in Tokyo Marathon (in February), etc.

Written by KC

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