Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mt Kinabalu Climbathon - 3rd Training

The group (part of the main team of 40 runners) went for the third climbathon training at Gunung Nuang on Saturday 7 August 2010 by running up to Camp Pacat that take about 2 hours 15 minutes (including of waiting time while crossing the four streams).

L-R: Naido, ChooTS, Chiew Hong, SC Yong, Gilbert Tan, Tan, TeeEK, Jean and KC

On that morning, the park was full of trekkers and campers. According to the Ranger who was manning the registration desk, there were almost 300 people there trekking up Gunung Nuang.

One of the reasons is that the puasa month would start four days from that day (11 August). Another reason is that the Chinese Hungry Ghost month would start on 10 August. Today will be the last day of the hungry ghost month.

KC (left) is giving a short briefing on the direction of crossing the four streams in order to arrive at Camp Pacat while SC Yong, ChooTS, TeeEK and Tan look on.

Looks a bit like movement of snake in the river ?

Just before crossing the first stream ... the signature pose

At Camp Lolo (which is below Camp Pacat)

Still at Camp Lolo

At Camp Pacat before the group return to base. It takes 2 hours to return to base. The descent is 15 minutes faster..
All photos are by courtesy of Chiew Hong
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